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NOTE: I may have viewed the wrong version of this edit. Here on IFDB, "Earth One" is listed as 95 minutes long, but the version I have is only 75 minutes long. There is no other version of this edit that I can find, and the version I watched seemed like it wasn't missing anything (the file didn't seem corrupted and no scene appeared to be flat out gone). Also, IMDB lists the original film as 92 mins, and not 115 mins as listed here. I hope this is just an error on the website, and I'm not reviewing the wrong edit!

I saw the trailer for this film when it was first released and was immediately intrigued, but I just never saw it. When this edit was posted on IFDB, I decided to sit down and give myself a different experience by watching Beezo's "Earth One" before the original film. I was not disappointed. I stopped myself from reading the change-log as to not spoil myself for what was cut. The description only stated that all visuals of another planet being in our sky were cut. That choice alone really adds a mystery element to the film, and the edit actually plays more like a character-study/mystery than it does science fiction. Like I said, I'm unsure how the original film felt in terms of tone and themes, but this edit put the point across extremely well.

The first act of the film feeds you very little information about our main character, which really built the mystery as to why she wanted to help the composer who lost his family to a drunk driver. The end of the first act shows [SPOILER] Rhoda in her room, alone, convincing herself to tell the composer that "I did it." If there was ever a moment when Beezo doubted him/herself about how well the mystery element would play out between these two characters, I can attest to his/her editing capabilities. Just that small moment of Rhoda admitting to herself and the audience what she did was perfectly played out. I would call foul in breaking the show-don't-tell rule, but at the climax of the film, Beezo splices in short flashbacks of the indecent, mainly because the movie isn't about the incident, but the aftermath of it.

I'm rambling, only because this edit is one of the best I've seen in a while, so forgive me. The second and third acts play out well, but what really made this edit great was the end. [MORE SPOILERS] Choosing to end the film with Rhoda watching the interview of the composer with his ticket was the perfect way to close her journey. I was just floored. Then, I looked at Beezo's change-log and found out there was more after that, with something called a 'Rhoda 2 reveal'. Looking at that cut made me wonder how this film could have ended any differently, because the end of this edit is literally perfect. And the choice of removing all but two voice overs? Once again, a perfect cut.

I'd be interested to see the original cut of this film, but not for a while. This edit is borderline perfect. There were a few audio cuts that threw me off: The brother has some dialogue in the car that feels "starty-stopy", The room audio fading in over the score after Rhoda and John have sex sounds forced (the score could have just kept going and I wouldn't have noticed), and the first line of dialogue from John after Rhoda reveals her truth is clearly chopped out. That all being said, I highly recommend this edit to anyone and everyone. It's absolutely wonderful.

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September 07, 2015
First off, you are correct in that the minutes posted here are wrong. I didn't even realize it till you pointed it out. The original run time is 95 minutes and mine is 75. Thanks.

I'm really glad you enjoyed the film with fresh eyes. It's one of the biggest compliments you can give to a fan editor. I hope you get to see the original soon to make a judgment call as to what you prefer.

On the DVD and BD versions, there's a commentary track. In it, I go into great depths about the edits and, if you're curious, you'll get a better idea of my limitations and why I did what I did.

Regarding the audio. The dialog by the brother in the car is "sloppy" because when the brother reads that line, it's done so off camera. There's other dialog that's been removed around that scene, but since I needed to keep that, it does seem "off." I get that.

I didn't do anything with the "room audio fading over the score." What you heard was in the original. I never noticed anything there to address when I was editing it.

Also, the line of dialog from John after Rhode reveals the truth isn't in the original. He mouths the words, but doesn't say anything. That's how the original is.

I am grateful for your review and I'm really glad you liked it. Give a watch to the original and PM me what you thought. I'd really like to know!
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