EddieDean Wins March 2023 FEOTM


March FEOTM was initially a draw between skyblue and EddieDean, but in the run-off, EddieDean came out on top by 2 votes with their edit, The Clone Wars: Refocused.


“Thank you to everyone who voted, and importantly HUGE thanks to all of the people who’ve supported this project over the last two and a half years. I couldn’t have done it without you. It’s a great privilege to have been able to give something back to this excellent community that I’ve been a part of for around a decade and a half now. And congratulations to every editor who put out an edit this month- we all win when the quality of this community’s efforts is this high.”


Congratulations, EddieDean!


The Clone Wars: Refocused on IFDB

The Clone Wars on IMDB


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