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When Adabisi asked me if he could make a sequel to my Oz edit I was relieved. I was happy that someone else wanted to take the reins. I had considered continuing Beecher's story with a sequel however, I was thinking only using season 2 (which SPOILER ALERT does not end with Beecher on top) so I was hesitant to do it.

I watched the workprint for Emerald City 2 and I really enjoyed it. The start of the edit is a bit abrupt but the way Emerald City ends made it difficult to bridge the gap. Adabisi said this was going to be a fast-paced roller coaster ride. And overall I think he achieved his goal.

The only downside was that eventually (and pretty much inevitably) it started to feel episodic towards the second half. Adabisi fit in many plots from Season 2 and 3 into his edit and it may have been slightly overambitious. But I'm happy he dove right in and made this edit.

Overall the editing was good. The video quality was decent and the story while sometimes episodic it was still a great distillation of Beecher's journey in Oz.

I'm proud to place this edit on my shelf next to my Emerald City edit and this will be my go to film when I don't feel like sifting through the stories of the other characters in seasons 1 and 2.

Great job Adabisi...but you shouldn't have stolen my watch ;)

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