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FanMix November 19, 2023 983
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I wish there is a score higher than 10 for Enjoyment here. I had an idea of replacing the score in this movie with Carpenter tracks from other sources, but what Dawnrazor did is even step beyond, adding more Synthwave than ever! I can honestly say that this is the best score replacement project I've ever seen, making sure that score is correctly balanced in relation to centre channel... Well, to say centre channel, as the audio track is actually exported in stereo. Given that initial 4K release came with somewhat dodgy centre channel, and all the choices for soundtrack replacement were stereo, I can honestly see why folding everything to stereo might have been a less headachy choice. Attention to details and timing in this edit is impeccable!
Having this AMAZING mountain of work in surround would have made it even better! Dude, if you happen to still have project tracks lying around (even if it is just centre channel + rest stereo for score), hit me up, I would be game, and it would be an honor to try and do some reverse engineering to 5.1 or even 7.1 upmix for this beast.
In any case, this is my go to version of this movie, from now on. It makes it a sequel worthy of following the original, and I cannot describe how glad I am, Dawnrazor did it. 'Actually gave me some good ideas for projects I am trying to do...

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