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FanMix November 19, 2023 1012
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I'm a big fan of Escape From New York, but not so much the sequel. The description of this edit was intriguing enough to give the sequel another shot. I loved the new soundtrack and score. It brought the feel right in line with the first movie and made the sequel much more enjoyable. As another reviewer mentioned, there were a couple of places where the new soundtrack was a bit too loud and it drowned out the dialogue, but it wasn't a big deal. It would have been great if the editor was a little more ambitious and tried to cut some of the silly parts out of the movie. I think the plastic surgeon and basketball sequences could have been done away with altogether with some simple edits and really improved the story. But that wasn't the goal here and the editor certainly achieved his goals. This is a fun alternative cut of the film and recommended to any fans of Escape From New York or LA.
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