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My first time seeing this film in any form, thought it would be a good test of the edit to see how it stood before watching the official Blu-ray.

To my eyes almost nothing stood out as being unoriginal, the minor exceptions are a couple of establishing shots that felt as if they ran a bit fast, but cannot see any trace of the excised subplots or anything else that consists of the deleted 35 minutes. Video looks quite soft but as mentioned that is a consequence of the source: the colour grading works well and I cannot see any artefact from the re-rendering, no complaints about the audio at all.

As for the story, whatever editing has taken place doesn't make it feel any less "Kubrickian" than the other films of his I have seen, though as Eyepainter points out there is definitely a greater lean towards sentimentality than much of his previous work. Wonder if it means anything that I occasionally had moments where the character of Bill Harford reminded me of Patrick Bateman, but that may just be the resemblances from certain angles and latter's actor using the former's as a source of inspiration for said character.

Will definitely have to rewatch, will probably try the full version next, hope that it is as hard to draw ones eyes away from it as from this edit!

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