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(Updated: January 14, 2014)
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as with many fanditors for me the Phantom Menace is the most watched fanedit I've seen, this is perhaps the 4th or 5th time I've seen this film in some way or another. having seen L8wrt version i wanted to wait a while before i saw Q2 take on the trilogy.

technically this is a fine fanedit the editors aims to remove everything wrong with the trilogy are done incredible well as i didn't notice any errors. you can see a lot of work went into this and the pay off is a more enjoyable version than the original. jar jar is kept to a minimum, he has one or two goofy moments that are probably impossible to remove but overall he is very much a background character. i thought the pod race was extremely well put together however i do wish Obi Wan's 'pathetic life form' line was cut as it doesn't feel like something a Jedi would say regarding someone.

the edits failings however i feel is the amount that has been cut, at just over 82mins (not including end credits) this is a bare bones version of The Phantom Menace. it did feel very choppy while i was watching it, and more often than not reminded me that i was watching a edited version of the film. i feel a extra 10 to 15mins even if it means including one or two cringer moments would have benefited the films narrative in terms of slowing down the pace when needed and fleshing out the characters a little more.

i do agree that removing Anikin from the final battle is a mistake. though it may not be executed very well in the original film at it's core it's what i feel star wars is about. we all grow up watching star wars and more often than not we'd act out scenes from the film (be honest). the prequels failings for me was that they perhaps neglected the older generation as by and large these films are made for new younger audience. for for the 9 year kid watching The Phantom Menace and seeing Ankin save the day he's the hero to which they'll act out. just having a random guy blow up
the ship that takes down the droids and ultimately saves the day removes the hero factor from the film. you have to ask yourself if that was the version you saw in the cinema what would your reaction be towards George Lucas?

overall this is the best version of The Phantom Menace that i seen and I'm already looking forward to EP II (never thought I'd hear myself say that)

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