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First fanedit I've seen, cool

The edit has a lot of things I disagree with but they work amazingly, Jar jar is cut so much it's a wonder why he goes with Qui-Gon and Padme on to tatooine (not that this is a bad thing but it makes you wonder why he's even there standing in the background), 3P0 and R2 aren't even involve in the films which is unique to this particular edit (I believe) and does work but I believe that R2 and 3P0 narrate the story and provide some (good) comic relief so without droids talking, Jar Jar and some others, the movie ends up trying to really serious which it isn't. Once you strip away nearly all the stuff you can it ends up being a very fast paced movie that still isnt that good. Watching the original lets you enjoy the good parts of the movie but this shows how hard it is to make a fanfix. The first time around I found the movie almost too fast and kept forgetting what he cut out but I gave it another chance and realized amazing things I had never seen before like seamlessly cutting out anakins DUBBED SOUNDS when his lips aren't EVEN MOVING (my brother and I have always hated those)

A/V Quality:
The video can only be so good with either the blu ray or the DVD because the blu ray stresses on blue (watto looks like someone poured a bucket of blue paint on him) and has nearly NO edge-detection (Qui gon looks photoshopped for a magasine) but the DVD is grainy and stresses on pink so it's hard to understand why the movie looks as bad as it does but this is all lucasfilms' fault and NOT the editor's. Also he color corrected the deleted footage so it looks similar to the blu ray but does stand out a bit.

Visual Editing:

Done great, no special effects but nothing that stuck out at all so... good job

Audio Editing:

Pretty good, first time around I thought it was a mess but that was because I was expecting things that were cut like Jar Jar's big monologue at the beginning shortened down to two words. If you expect the change, it sounds better every time.


Extremely fast paced, like I said earlier but it really does work, everything is at superspeed even at an hour and thirty minutes, GEEZ how much was there in that half hour of a cutlist that sped up the movie SO much?! Anyway it was great over all

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