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Seamless editing and a solid option of viewing AotC in a more straightforward manner. While most of the scenes are successfully trimmed for pacing, the edit overall maintains the film's original structure.

AV quality is consistent with the source, but there are better-looking edits in comparison by now. Also, I found the custom burnt-in alien subtitles to be a bit distracting, I must add.

Concerning the whole of the edited trilogy, the overarching downplay of Vader's identity and direct nods to his heritage in the OT is subtle but well done, and something I wish I'd seen in other edits. As for this episode per se, props for completely excising Yoda and Dooku's fight. While other editors will keep only the Force duel, I think is for the best that we don't see Force lightning wielded by anyone other than The Emperor, as a symbol of his unlimited wickedness; and I always thought that Yoda to the rescue makes Obi and Anakin look incredibly incompetent.

My gripes, however, lie in how most of the visuals are left intact, even in the most edited sequences. Bad digital doubles and creatures are a big turnoff for me, and unfortunately they remain in the spots I resent the most (the Jango v. Obi, for instance). Obviously the source is thoroughly plagued by it, but there are other options that manage to satisfyingly tone it down. That's for personal enjoyment, however, and I shall not dispute it since it's not an specific goal of the edit.

Thank you Q2 for the edit and for generously sharing it!


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