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Ok, before people get mad at me for not recommending this edit, I want you all to know that I hate attack of the clones with a passion, to me it is the worst disgrace to star wars out there in canon, that is saying a lot because I like you also hate Jar Jar, the fact that this movie is shit is not the editor's fault, it's George's. The editor does not have the ability to improve cringe-worthy special effects without cutting a whole scene, the editor does not have the ability to add dialogue or heavily modify it. The editor has to work with what he's got and this is it.

Now that that's out of the way I must say the visual and audio editing is flawless, I never saw or heard of anything that was bad and I never was taken out of the "experience" by editing flaws, long story short, flawless.

The narrative is as good as it's going to get with AOTC, the mystery behind the clones is actually intriguing and infinitely better than the original. Most of the cuts were completely logical and worked, this series does bug me partially though because of the removal of R2 and 3PO which sort of makes sense BUT that's what is special about this trilogy, if you hate that idea then just don't watch it. The only thing that should have been cut as well was the arena scene. I know it would be hard to pull off but just don't have the monsters fully attacking yet when the clones and Jedi show up and then shorten the whole thing down. Anyway, you did fine based on the source material (I also liked the incorporated deleted scenes)

So overall, it's an improvement BUT in my opinion, episode 2 is a lost cause anyway.

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