Fan Edit Of The Year (FEOTY) 2022: and the WINNERS are…!


Welcome to the 2022 edition of the “Oscars of the Fanedits”!

Fanediting is a growing field: you created 228 fanedits on in 2022, a HUGE increase from 129 fanedits in 2021 and 149 in 2020. Incredible!

Thank you to all faneditors for giving us new ways of looking at familiar pictures, for providing inspiration, and for standing up to show that your opinion is equally valid and sometimes even better than the original!

We celebrate those fanedits that positively stand out across twelve categories. These awards are more than a round of applause to the winning editors, they confirm a level of quality that helps us now and in future to evaluate which fanedits we choose to watch. Go, watch, enjoy, and be inspired!


The winners and runners-up of the 2022 FEOTY include two fanedits that tower over all others, with four categories each!


View the results and join the discussion on the forum discussion thread here.