Fanedit Impresses Director and Becomes Official Cut


In what seems like every faneditor’s wet-dream, a fan’s take of Raising Cain has become the official Director’s Cut—slated for official release this September.  Several years ago, indie filmmaker (and apparently, faneditor) Peet Gelderblom got a copy of the original script for Raising Cain and tried his hand at recreating Brian De Palma’s vision. The cut eventually made its way into De Palma’s lap, and he absolutely loved it. In a letter to a fansite, De Palma wrote:

I just saw the Raising Cain re-cut and I think it’s great. It’s what we didn’t accomplish on the initial release of the film. It’s what I originally wanted the movie to be.

Could you contact the company releasing the Blu-ray and tell them I think it’s important they include it with the new release? If you need me to talk to some at the company just give me a number and a name. And congratulations to Peet Gelderblom, he’s restored the true story of Raising Cain.



Brian De Palma


How cool is that?!?!  After a series of phone calls, Gelderblom was put in charge of supervising a Los Angeles re-cut of the HD master from overseas where he could ensure the best version would be delivered to fans. Additionally, Gelderblom worked on two bonus features that are included on the Blu-ray: a personal introduction recorded at Purple Film in Leiden and an extended/remixed version of this video essay that accompanied the re-cut in 2012:

In the ultimate salute to both filmmakers and fanedits, be sure to pick up the fanedit Director’s Cut to be released on Blu-ray by Shout! Factory this September. While you’re waiting for the disc to arrive, check out this short featurette from Gelderblom on the experience: