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(Updated: November 03, 2012)
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Pretty good edit of an already pretty good film. I liked the additional Halloween shots as well as the inclusion of most of the television scenes, and adding John Ottman's score along with pieces of Carpenter's original score was definitely a plus. I also really loved hearing Donald Pleasance during the opening credits instead of Tom Kane, who did a decent job of imitating Pleasance, but is obviously NOT him, and couldn't deliver that monologue as perfectly as he did in the original.

I wanted to give this a perfect ten, but a few shots stood out to me as not being as good as they could have been. Some of the added shots from the television cut could have been left out, including the extra shots when Michael is chasing John and Molly. The biggest issue I had was with Laurie stabbing Michael again after he falls off the balcony. I feel like the television cut did a better job with that scene while still keeping Ronnie dead (Laurie walks down and stares at Michael, then we see the crane shot of Michael lying "dead"). The edit here was quite obvious and felt very amateur, whereas the other edits were much more subtle and blended in very well with the original film.

Overall, this is a very nice upgrade, and definitely worth checking out.

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