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(Updated: November 24, 2012)
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H20 is one of the best Halloween movies IMO. It was also the very first one I saw, I was 12 years old. And when Michael was laying on the broken table after Ronny had dragged Laurie away, I was like "please don't cut to credits, please don't cut to credits" that would have meant that Michael could still be out there and he could find me...

The fanedit is very solid with a few surprises. I only have one things to really complain about, and that is the weird stabbing-Michael-when-he-is-lying-on-the-table that other reviewers have mentioned. Just cutting to the crane shot would have worked just fine.

Being nick-picky I don't think the added footage of Michael at the rest-stop helped. It's more suspenseful as it was originally. Just seeing the car that Michael drove earlier but not knowing were he is. Also one more thing; getting to know about Will's past is great from a hardcore fan's point of view but from a story perspective I think it was good that they cut it out originally. Will opening up to Laurie so that she might do the same only to minutes later only think about sex and Laurie having to remind him "you promised you'd listen" doesn't make much sense but I'm glad The Butcher added that scene here (I haven't seen the TV version) but I prefer the original cut.

I give Audio/Video quality 10 out of 10. The footage from the TV-version doesn't have the same quality as the dvd footage but that's the source material, The Butcher didn't f**k it up, so therefore 10 out of 10.

I don't know if I think this is a better version of the original cut but it's like some theatrical/director's/extended cuts of certain films; I got to have them all...and I'm glad I have this one.
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