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Apologies to Wraith, I requested this edit over a year ago and only just remembered it when I saw it on an external drive I'd misplaced. So I finally got around to watching it. I had originally intended to watch this with my mother as she was a big Glenn Close fan, but I lost her back in April.
With so few reviews for this I don't want to say niche film because it was a big film on release, but I imagine it would have a fairly limited modern audience, in addition this is a film where only the ending has been changed so again might sway people from wanting to check it out.
The original film came out in an era where men reigned supreme, both Dan and Alex begin an affair but it seems like only Alex is villified, I know that her unhinged status worsens as the film progresses, but we're never given any reason to like or symopathize with her. For Dan we see him with his family and are expected to root for him just for the sake of it. I think just changing the ending gives a little something back to Alex and to Glenn Close's performance in general, a moment where we just acknowledge where this has left her (Alex, not Glenn) emotionally and not everything needs to have a conveniently gift wrapped ending.

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