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FanMix August 05, 2012 3269
(Updated: December 13, 2012)
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Voodl does what fans of "The Fifth Element" have been dying for, for some time: He almost completely removes Chris Tucker from this edit. Yes, the annoying Ruby Rhod is at last gone, and for that alone, Voodl deserves much praise.

However, IMHO, Voodl goes on to cut too much. He removes the entire opening flashback sequence, which provides much of the necessary context for what happens later in the story. When a ship full of friendly aliens gets blown up, it makes no emotional impact, because we've never seen these characters before in this edit. (Oddly enough, Voodl kept Luke Perry in the fan-made opening credits even though he no longer appears anywhere in this cut!)

Also, the scene at the opera house happens a bit too quickly now. I realize that the cuts were made so that Chris Tucker could be further eliminated, but unfortunately, some really good action sequences also got eliminated as a result.

This is worth watching for any fans of the original movie. Voodl certainly put his heart and soul into the edit. But I still haven't quite found the definitive edition I'm looking for.
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