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Let me begin with saying that I've watched the original dozens and dozens of times. This is one of my favorite movies and I'll never get tired of it. In that light, because of the lack of narration I often found myself listening closer... and closer... and watching closer... listening for that narration... and because of this, I noticed uncountable details in the video itself that I've never noticed before. Did you ever notice the toilet paper next to the toilet filled with used condoms? Did you ever notice the big metal thing that sits up on the refrigerator? Notice all of those clamp lights scattered about the kitchen? Or how about the saran wrap that lined the trays they were using as forms for soap?

This movie is so much more deep without narration. The story tells itself, it doesn't need narration. In the void of the voice over, I saw a rain forest of details that I never was able to notice because I was too busy listening to and analyzing the voice...

If you're a fight club fan, you must see this at least once!

Visual editing gets a 6 because it's a nice neutral number because there was absolutely zero visual editing. Audio editing gets a 10 because there were zero moments where the audio was choppy or felt edited what-so-ever. The narrative gets an 9 because there is no narration... those parts are missing, but 9 is still a very positive number because it helps the story intensely. Audio/Video quality gets a 10 because it's DVD quality or better. Enjoyment is easily a 10. I may re-watch this edit because it was so enjoyable....

But I could be bias (I am). This is one of my favorite movies ever, after all. :-)

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