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(Updated: April 22, 2024)
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A massive improvement!

Working my way through the Bond blu rays in chronological order, I checked for a fan-edit in desperation, hoping that somebody out there had removed most of Bibi and replaced the chronic score with John Barry cues (like the Never Say Never Again edit)...

And Here It Is!! Plus the dreadful opening sequence with Blofeld and the dated Thatcher 'comedy' scene at the end have gone. This is so much better and my go-to version to watch from now on.

Bibi is actually fairly tolerable in much smaller doses. The colour grading helped massively. Even the 2CV chase seems more Bond-like.

Not that it matters, but if I was being really ungrateful and picky:

Sometimes the sound mix of this edit is off, with the music being too quiet or the vocal track levels varying in volume between scenes.

It seemed a little short for a Bond movie.
I personally quite like the edited out banana nose identigraph scene, the bike through the window stunt and the submersible vehicle battle (although the button controls are a bit rubbish).

I'd have also liked to have seen M redubbed by someone like Peter Marinker, to give him a less irritating voice. I don't know why it wasn't done at the time - looping vocal performances is hardly unheard of in these films.

Sheena Easton's face could ideally do with being removed from the opening credits.

I'm so glad this edit didn't choose to replace the original song with the alternate one.

Anyway, only minor gripes. Thanks for saving the film.

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