Former FEOTM Accolades Re-awarded to Blueyoda, M4 and Wakeupkeo

Following recent events on the forums, we continue in our process of re-addressing and correcting former FEOTMs. We kick this off by recognising three newly established winners…


The winner for November 2021 is M4 with their edit, M4’s The Hobbit Book Edit!


The winner for April 2022 is Wakeupkeo with their edit, Dune ’84: Part One!


The winner for June 2022 is Blueyoda with their edit, The Thing: The Musical aka Escape from the Shining Alien Thing from Beyond the Stars!


Join us in congratulating the new winners in the discussion thread here.


Feel like you’re missing context? See the relevant site news here and here.


Stay tuned for Wave 1 of our FEOTM Reboot, to be kickstarted very soon…