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  1. BlueCupcake

    The Thief and the Cobbler : Tsasakos Cut

    In the making for 30 years, starting back in the 60s, before its creator's vision disappears forever, Richard Williams's (Who Framed Roger Rabbit? / Pink Panther) masterpiece uses the most expressive, hand-crafted and surreal animation of all time to tell, in every detail, the story of a silent...
  2. Zarius

    M.A.SK: The Series Finale

    I have, over the years, long desired to give M.A.S.K proper closure, I recently had a notion for that, using the season one episode “Eyes Of The Skull”, it’s so good and would have made a brilliant last chapter if not for the big reset at the end…which doesn’t matter anyway because by the racing...
  3. Zarius

    Superman: The Animated Series: Risk & Revelation (Brainiac Attacks Edit)

    This divisive little piece of now-obscure Superman media was released around the peak of marketing for Superman Returns. It's been widely criticised by fans of Superman: The Animated Series for, amongst other things, inconsistent continuity and characterisations (particularly with Lex Luthor) as...
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