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  1. Poster 6 Curse.png

    Poster 6 Curse.png

    v 2.0
  2. AtomicTanner

    Halloween the Definitive Canon

    The spooky season is DEFINITELY upon us! Hello all, I AM finished with the final edit of my fanmix for the Halloween series! I am revamping the current trilogy to make it a less controversial plot, including the 1978 film and bonus footage from various other films in the franchise. It is a...
  3. Ray Danger

    Halloween [raymix] Series (8 films + Soundtrack) V 1.1

    _________________________________ _________________________________ Main Project Intentions & Info: This project aims to bring tighter editing & stronger continuity to 8 of the films in the Halloween movie series. This series features 5 branching timelines. I've included a guide showing the...
  4. halloween ends revisited final cut poster.png

    halloween ends revisited final cut poster.png

    Poster I made for my Halloween Ends Revisited: The Final Cut fanedit.
  5. kidjupiter92

    Halloween Ends - Extended Cut

    Now that Halloween Ends has been available on home media since the end of December, I decided that I would attempt to put together an extended edition of Halloween Ends akin to Halloween Kills' Extended Cut. All deleted and extended scenes have been reintegrated into the film. Cutlist: The...
  6. halloween ends extended cut poster.png

    halloween ends extended cut poster.png

    First poster for my Halloween Ends Extended Cut poster.
  7. Speems

    Halloween: Evil Dies Tonight

    Heyo! I'm Gianni Belotti and I have some kind of thoughts regarding the Blumhouse trilogy for Halloween. 2018 started on a great note, Kills was okay, but Ends was bad. The big problem comes from studio greed thanks to greenlighting TWO sequels rather than just one. I had a feeling that Kills...
  8. lantern51

    Halloween (1978) The 2018 Prequel edit

    I love what the original movie did for horror movies, but to watch it now (as much as I hate to say it) I'm kinda board... I have a lot of respect for this movie, but I felt that the 2018 packs more punch (and stabs). So the intention here is to get more tension built up in this and add a few...
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