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  1. RotundGentleman

    Twin Peaks Prelude

    Poster Art by ArtisDead Hey everyone, I've recently decided to give editing a go as a hobby, and recently I've started a rewatch of the Twin Peaks series, using an extended cut of the film as a substitute for the actual film. Whilst watching the film I realised it must be a bit difficult to sit...
  2. Blue Owl

    TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME - The Missing Season

    Blue Owl youtube page There are more than an hour and a half of deleted scenes from the 1992 film Fire Walk With Me - enough that it could have been a mini season. So that's exactly what this editing project set out to accomplish. The film was reimagined into 3 episodes that are each an hour...
  3. DonKamillo

    The Batman Year Two Miniseries

    THE BATMAN YEAR TWO MINISERIES This fanedit aims to split up The Batman (2022) movie into a four episode miniseries. Despite its flaws, I liked the movie quite a lot, so I will be cutting out only minor stuff. Some scenes will be rearranged but the main focus will be making the 3 hour epic...
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