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13 to 30 Extraflirty


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by CBB
What is it about? Our edit tries to make the movie a more grown-up version, to reduce the lengthes and to keep the heartwarming atmosphere.

original film name: 13 going on 30 large product photo
film studio name: Columbia, Revolution
Date Original Film Was Released: 14 APR 2004
Date Edit Was Released: 03 MAR 2006
Original Runtime: 98 min
New Runtime: 87 min
Amount of time Cut/Added: 14 min cut 3 min added
Cuts removed/added/extended:

1. removed Jenna flirting with the kid
2. removed several dumb jokes, like the one where Jenna throws away the fruits from her cocktails.
3. removed Matty calling after jenna, when she says "I am not 13 anymore". Matty should keep his dignity.
4. removed the bureau affair
5. removed the presentations for the new POISE magazine. They are just not needed and rather distracting.
6. added jenna meeting the chief editor from Sparkle
7. added Jenna taking advice from a little girlfriend
8. removed the taxi scene

DVD - Features:

1. Language: English
2. Subtitles: English
3. Trailer
4. Trailershow
5. 3 deleted scenes and 3 Extra scenes
6. Animated menus
7. Scene Selection Menus
8. Cover and Disk Art
9. presented in NTSC 16:9 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen
10. ac-3 2 channel sound

Conceptual improvements/advancements of edit over original:

"13 going on 30" was a sweet and nice comedy. However, it was somewhat spoiled by dumb jokes, flat humor and a story that was not tight enough. Our edit tries to correct that and make a more grown-up version out of this film, reduce the lengthes and keep the heartwarming atmosphere.

Time needed for the edition
planning: 1 week
editing: 2 days
sound editing: 1 day
trailer: 1 day
DVD layout and features: 1 days
persons involved: 5


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