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29.97fps to 23.976fps

Vegas does work with AVI. I work with lagarith AVI in vegas all the time.
I'm unable to import the Lagarith file into Vegas, throws up an error. Anything I need to install or load? I believe I've already installed the Lagarith codec.

Another issue I'm having is that when converting part of an mkv to a 23.976 Lagarith, I get a framerate of 19 fps - or MediaInfo just refuses to read the file. It mostly only reads the Lagariths with the same framerate.
I've had several versions of Vegas, since as early as 13 I think, and I've never had trouble importing lagarith AVIs, so I'm not sure why it isn't working for you. To my knowledge, I only ever had to install the lagarith codec.

If you end up needing to convert your lossless AVI into another format for editing, that will rather defeat the point of getting it into that format in the first place.

Can anyone else advise?
Lagarith has always worked for me in Vegas too. Reinstall the codec?
I've got it working now with the codec, thanks guys. Unfortunately the 23.976 footage itself still has frame duplication, but it turns out that the original 29.97 deleted scenes blu ray rip also has frame duplication, so it was never going to work! On the bright side I finally worked how to use this software for other projects. thanks again.
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