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300: Earth and Water by Aztek463


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Glory. Vengeance. War.

So, I'm officially beginning work on my next project. My aim is to combine 300 and 300: Rise of an Empire into one epic about the Grecco-Persian War. Obviously, I'm not just gluing the two films together since Rise of an Empire takes place before, during, and after the original 300. Since the first film ends roughly two thirds of the way through Rise of an Empire, I'm going to be downplaying the final slaughter of Leonidas and the 300. Not the importance, but rather to make it feel less like a climax.

I'm also aiming to remove the narration of Dilios from the film entirely. Here's where combining the two gets tricky: the first 300 is more or less explicitly Dilios telling the story of Leonidas and his soldiers, while Rise of an Empire is presented as more of a...and I use this loosely...historical account. Ish. Point being, there is a bit of a disconnect between the narrative styles of the two films that I aim to close a bit.

Of course, this is just a general outline, and I do plan to go more in depth with cutting as opposed to just gluing alternating scenes together. My final goal for running time is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, but I feel that it will be a bit shorter than that.

More details as they emerge. :D
Dude this is awesome! I love the idea, and even though I haven't seen the pre/sequel, I loved the original. Another pioneering project from you man, nice!!! :)
"Pioneering" is a bit generous, I think. Elysium in Spanish is ambitious, but I don't think it counts as pioneering quite yet. At least not until the first reviews come in. But thank you for your kind words all the same. :D
soundtrack by. . . ?

Tyler Bates, Junkie XL, Earth Wind and Fire. I can dig it.

EW&F can do the end credits song. :p

Dammit [MENTION=10624]ssj[/MENTION] now I have to do that.
1) first thing that came to mind when i saw the title of your edit. i don't even dig their music. (sorry!)

I'm also aiming to remove the narration of Dilios from the film entirely.

is that word allowed in this family forum?
Dude play shining star over the slow mo battle sequences


you don't dig this??? ;p

Well, I know what I'm doing for bonus features... :D
Ive been working on this exact idea... but with minor differences... I haven't completely worked out how i wanna do it though.. LOL, funny someone had the same idea... I had started to cut things a bit, just to see how it was working, I also had the idea to wait and see what the 3rd movie was gonna be, and go from there... but then I figured 3 was just gonna be afterwards anyways, so it wasnt really needed, it could play as a sequel anyways... My idea was cutting it to play out more like those old roman movies, but of course modern... Anyways, i like the idea.. lol... good luck.
[MENTION=23904]Agent9[/MENTION] - I think any sequel is gonna be a follow up...but, historically, didn't the Greeks lose that war? Granted, I know this franchise isn't supposed to be historically accurate at all, but there are a few points:

- The battles of Thermopylae and Salamis (and the other naval engagements in Rise of an Empire) did happen concurrently.
- Leonidas did respond to the Persian's "offer" by throwing the messenger down a well.
- Artemisia. Oh boy Artemisia. Of course, she wasn't killed in the battle of Salamis and not by Themistokles (she in fact committed suicide...accidentally, it almost seems). But her brilliance as a naval commander? Accurate. In fact, you might argue she was more badass in real life than in the film.
- Some of the more notable dialogue ("Come and get them!," "Only Spartan women give birth to real men," and so on) were actual quotes from history. Spartans notably had was was and is referred to as laconic humor and dialect. Basically, short and to the point. The Athenians were a bit more long-winded.
- The 300 did, of course, lose the battle of Thermopylae for the very reason they lost in the film: they were outflanked. Granted, I don't think that their force (which was much larger than just 300 Spartans. The film got that right too, that they had allies) would have lasted even if they hadn't been outflanked. They didn't have the full force of an entire army, and the 300 were the rear guard as the rest of the force retreated.
- Ephialtes. While not a hunchback, did betray the Spartans.
- The Immortals were also a real unit, but not the monsters as portrayed in the first film.
- Themistokles (which is generally spelled with a C, but I'm going with the film's spelling just because :p ) did indeed lose the engagements before the battle of Salamis. The Greeks did indeed win that battle.

YOu know, as I do some research...the Greeks did repel the Persians again. So...yeah, I guess you could have a third film that didn't upset historians too much. :p
Aztek463 said:
YOu know, as I do some research...the Greeks did repel the Persians again. So...yeah, I guess you could have a third film that didn't upset historians too much. :p

LOL... Well the way 300: RoE ended, I figured someone would do another film. But it probably wouldn't of overlapped the way 300 RoE did, so that's why I figured just cut the 2 films instead of waiting on the 3rd. But you seem to have a better grasp of how you want to do it, as I was still trying to figure things out, and I haven't put to much time into as I've been putting more effort into other projects.
Hope everything's going well with this edit my friend. Pumped for it! :)
So far so good! I've only done some really broad edits, mostly just arranging scenes and getting rid of bits I know I don't want...
The current road map is a bit like this...
- Logos and title from original 300 (new subtitle added of course!)
- Battle of Marathon/Origin of Xerxes/Themistokles in Athens
- Persian Emissary in Sparta (cut his approach, begins with Leonidas and his son)
- Artemisia and Xerxes/Themistokles in Sparta
- Leonidas seeing the Ephors (cut the bribery from the Persians)
- Spy aboard Artemisia's ship
- Leonidas leaving with the 300/meeting Daxos and his company (cut them finding the village that had been burned)
- Themistokles's house/Artemisia's origins
- Arriving at the Hot Gates/big storm that night

I'm still arranging scenes and then I'll go into the fine-cutting, but so far the edit (sans credits) clocks in around 3 hours. Typically length doesn't concern me, but I don't want to fatigue the viewer with too long of a movie with too much murder. :p
Here's what's changed:
Removed Gorgo addressing the councilman. His subplot is gone, so no need to mention him really.
Removed Leonidas asking the messenger "They sent you all the way from Persia...etc". Awkward silence ftw.
Removed the long shots of Leonidas looking around Sparta. He's much more decisive.
Removed Leonidas looking to Gorgo before killing the messenger's company. Again, more decisive.

I'm probably going to shorten the scene with Leonidas training with his son, especially since the whole "Man beside you" bit is repeated by Themistocles (the K looks weird...so screw it!) later.
Look forward to it.
Would have done it myself, but too many in the works Plus I did a similar thing with the 1982/2011 versions of The Thing..... But very excited to see how you pull it all off! Go for it.

Two scenes: Themistocles meeting with Gorgo and, more importantly, Leonidas visiting the Ephors.

I only made a few small changes to the first scene, editing out Dilios's cameo, a small amount of Gorgo's dialogue, and Themistocles riding back out to his men. Now, the second scene...

I cut all of Dilios's voiceovers and re-arranged a few bits into a more logical order. I also removed (sorry guys) the crazy-nakey oracle dance. This should hopefully give a better idea to how the film will flow, going back and for between 300 and RoaE. I need to do some work getting RoaE to look more like 300. But I'm not worrying with that too much until the film is actually done. :)
Nice man! Looks like this edit is coming along sweet :)
I look forward to this edit also. I still cannot figure out why 300 was made to look, well...pixelated. Every time I watch it I am sent into a fit lol.
WyndorfDave said:
I look forward to this edit also. I still cannot figure out why 300 was made to look, well...pixelated. Every time I watch it I am sent into a fit lol.

I think, think the problem is (at least based on the Blu-ray) is that the picture was over-sharpened a bit and the film grain just looks like crud because of it. It was designed to look like a 2D image a lot of the time (remember how Sin City was almost panel for panel, shot for shot from the comics? Same idea.)

I'll post a few shots later, but I actually managed to get Rise of an Empire to look a bit more like the first 300: boosting the gamma and adding some film grain did the trick it seems, but I'm still going to have to fine tune it.
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