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A Failed Expedition To The Lost World: Jurassic Park


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A Failed Expedition to the Lost World: Jurassic Park - Revised Edition

This edit is dedicated to the memory of Stan Winston
who sadly passed away just as I was completing this edit.

As Stan was responsible for the live action dinosaurs in this movie,
it seemed only fitting.

A small memorial can be seen ‘post-credits' on the edit.

Cover Art by Merlin - Based on a design idea by VMancini




What it's about:
Released in 1997, ‘The Lost World: Jurassic Park' received mixed reactions from fans and critics alike. What most seemed to agree on was their dislike of the movie's ending based around a captured T-Rex getting loose in the city of San Diego.

The movie was later fanedited by Vmancini into ‘A Failed Expedition to the Lost World: Jurassic Park', reinserting two deleted scenes, and removing all reference to the captured T-Rex and it's escape in San Diego.

Presented here is a revised edition of that edit, created at the request of and in association with Vmancini.

My intention for this Fanedit:
VMancini approached me via the Fanedit Forum to ask if I would be interested in putting together a revised edition of his edit, with his help and input. My aim is to clean up Vmancini's edit, present a better picture and sound quality, and also to present the edit in a much higher quality way.

Original film name:
The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

New film name:
A Failed Expedition to the Lost World: Jurassic Park.

Film studio name:
Universal Pictures.
Amblin Entertainment.

Edit crew name:
Merlin in association with VMancini.

Date original film was released:
18th July 1997.

Date edit was released:
27th June 2008.

Original runtime:
123 Mins approx.

New runtime:
107 Mins approx.

Amount of time Added/Deleted:
6 Mins Added approx.
22 Mins Deleted approx.

Additions/Cuts/Differences to the original edit:
Note: Both deleted scenes that have been added are now ratio matched to the rest of the movie. Although their quality on the DVD is not good, I have improved the quality as best I can, but they are still not as good as the rest of the movie.
· Added â€" New ‘A Failed Expedition to the Lost World: Jurassic Park' titles created.
· Cut â€" Initial fly in over the island.
· Added â€" Boardroom deleted scene.
· Cut â€" Ian Malcolm yawning in the subway station (This is replaced in the previous added deleted scene with the board room member yawning).
· Added â€" ‘Mombasa Bar â€" Kenya' deleted scene (I have edited this scene slightly â€" the scene in its original version seems to jump a bit from the end of the fight, to where Roland and Ajay sit down again. I've tried to make the scene flow a little better).
· Cut â€" Roland firing at the T-Rex with the air rifle.
· Cut â€" Ludlow discovering Roland with the unconscious T-Rex.
· Cut â€" Kelley's gymnastics (Re-edited from the original edit â€" The removal of Kelly's gymnastics scene had a very hard cut in the original edit, and a little continuity error. I have improved the edit for the removal of this scene to make the cut a lot smoother and remove the obvious continuity problem).
· Added (A scene reinserted which was cut in the original edit) â€" Roland and Ludlow's last scene together (There was a comment made about the original edit that we never get to see Roland again after he tries to kill the T-Rex. I have added this scene back in so Roland gets a bit better send off, but edited it not to show the captured T-Rex in its cage. This also means that we get a last scene with Ludlow too, who also seemed to just disappear without a trace in the original edit).
· Cut â€" The San Diego ending is cut completely.

Persons involved:

DVD Features:
Widescreen/PAL/MPEG-2/5.1 Dolby Digital.
Static & Animated Menus.
Scene Selection.
Edit info.

Software used for the edit:
Nero Vision (Editing & DVD Authoring).
Virtual Dub (Deleted scene quality enhancement and ratio matching).
Nero Wave Editor/Aurora Media Workshop (Sound Editing).
DVD Shrink (DVD authored in DVD9 size â€" used to shrink to DVD5).
Windows Paint/ArcSoft Photo Impression 4 (DVD Cover art and wallpaper creation).

Additional information links:
thanks for sharing, merlin. And NEVER use DVD Shrink. NEVER.
Because DVD shrink is a bad program (qualitywise). It degrades the video quality way too much. The one and only solution to create a good DVD9 to DVD5 shrink is DVD Rebuilder Pro. It's not that easy to use, but the quality difference is gigantic. This has been discussed in the how to section a lot.
Still lots of people are using DVD shrink, because it presents sufficient quality and is very easy to use, but for fanedits it is the wrong choice for being an all amateur tool.
Definitely agreeing with boon on DVDshrink. If you can't do DVD Rebuilder Pro, at the very least use Nero Recode (preferably Nero 6) at the highest quality settings. Even that is better than DVDshrink.
That is all not entirely true. I recall having a few words with dark jedi about this. It depends on how much your whatever is taking a hit. Dvd shrink can do fine results roughly till around the 65-69% mark.

Also most people who use shrink DO NOT use the deep analysis option NOR the high quality adaptive error compensation option (keep this option at default). Using the both in combo works well but expect a 3-4 hour encode

If you use shrink and if you video is high quality to begin with: 77% and up you will be fine with deep analysis being used alone. You really cannot see a difference. Anything lesser it all depends, but I recommend using Deep and adaptive both in combo.

Don't believe me? Check out my edit for the Warriors. In fact Dark Jedi loved the picture quality on that as well and dvd shrink was used (in the 70% range)

So yes shrink can do a good job, it just all depends on how you use it

NOW: dvd rebuilder with CCE does an outstanding job as well (my strange days edit was over 7 gigs film alone). I used a 6 pass setting and like 14 hours later it was done

HOWEVER dvd rebuilder still has some bugs. I recently wasted 10 hours on a film because it crashed during the remuxing (rebuilding) process. I forgot the name of the error I was getting but enough searching online did bring it up as a known issue that was supposedly fixed (using the last public one made)

It is a wicked toss up. Dvd shrink does do good work for certain items, but if you have a film that is like 7 gigs all by itself, then go with dvd rebuilder.

I would skip nero -re-encode
I have been using dvd shrink a long time and of course always with highest quality settings and deep analysis. Still I can say: it is no match at all for DVD Rebuilder. Yes, you can achieve good looking movies when the quality is 70%+, I agree, still why go for the weaker tool, when the better one is so easily available.
We had this discussion a lot of times before and maybe we will forever have it. It seems to be again a question of personal taste. DVD Rebuilder has the best possible vbr engine, especially when using CCE. DVD Shrink is a nice and old one-click tool with a not always well working encoding algorithm. I think its times should be over, but, hey, anyone is free to use whatever they want. :)
I get better results from nero recode than i do/did with dvdshrink. And though I do love CCE/DVDrb, it does have its bugs, and nothing sucks more than DVDrb crapping out 7 hours into a re-encode.

I will agree with the quality being dependent on how much it has to shrink. If Nero is shrinking it to 75% or higher, i stick with it, otherwise I go over to DVDrb.
This new version appears to fix a lot of the problems that I had with the initial edit (Ian still yawning, the hard cut / audio drop out during the Raptor gymnastics scene, the deleted scene aspect ratio problem, etc.) However, I'm still of the mind that those deleted scenes actually don't add anything to the movie (despite VMancini's claim to the contrary). The boardroom scene seems rather redundant and unnecessary. Any relevant information is relayed in the subsequent scenes. The Roland / Ajay scene is nice, as it gives us a better understanding of Roland and we get to see him dish out just desserts to a total asshole. But, the scene has one of the most groan-inducing gags where the friends pick up said asshole and slam him, crotch first, into a pole by accident. It's so juvenile and America's Funniest Home Video esque. I'd like this scene if this one part where jettisoned. The other big issue I had with the previous edit is that it excised the T-Rex in San Diego ending but left in all references to the ending (the video conference about the San Diego park, Roland hunting the T-Rex). With this ending gone, these scenes become useless and should've been cut as well. I think with those few improvements, this edit would be pretty damn good.
Hi Kolpitz

Are you making these comments from what's been posted here, or have you downloaded this new version and watched it. If you have, maybe you'd be kind enough to stick a review in the 'Member Reviews' forum, as I'm sure you're aware reviews mean a lot, fanedit wise, so it'd be much appreciated.

Just a few retorts to your comments:

I know the deleted scenes don't really impart any information that we don't already know, but I did still want them there. Obviously the aim was to better VMancini's existing edit, of which ratio matching those scenes, removing Malcolm's yawn, and fixing the cut of Kelly's gymnastics were a few. I also had to take into account what VMancini wanted done with the edit too, as this was done in collaboration with him.

As I said in my description above, the Roland/Ajay scene has been edited slightly to make it flow a little better, this includes the part of the scene that you are talking about. It has been edited so that Roland just floors him with the one punch and then returns to his table.

About the scenes regarding the conference about the San Diego park and the scene with Roland hunting the T-Rex. I disagree that these scenes are useless. The whole point of the better funded 'In-Gen' expedition is to capture the animals to take them to that park, which is obviously why they're all caged up around that camp, it makes sense that Ludlow would want to report back to the board on his progress, as that's the reason they're there. Roland made a remark that his fee for the expedition is his right to hunt a T-Rex, so why not leave the scene in when he tries to kill it with his large hunting rifle. The scene I did excise was obviously where he manages to down the T-Rex with the dart rifle.

Hope that explains a bit, my decissions to do the edit in the way I have.


Merlin. 8)
It was based on what you had written. I'll download this new version and watch it when I can. I'll leave a comment as soon as I do. Thanks for the reply.
Is there any way to get this uploaded via Bittorent? I helped create this thing and I can't get the download to work via Rapidshare, haha
Anybody wanting to do a reauthor of my DVD from PAL to NTSC, or do a third NTSC edition of the edit as a whole, is welcome to do so.

Yours is the only mention I've had of doing this as NTSC. I'm in the UK and so the DVDs I use for doing my edits are PAL, so I won't be doing an NTSC version myself.

I know it has been a while since this fanedit was made. But is it possible to find a copy of this edit somewhere?
I would really like to watch this version.

Thanks for the response

Kind regards.
dasjow, if this is your first time here please read Using This Site. It's full of useful information that will get us all off on the right foot. This site has many rules in place to protect itself and its users. Should you ever need a reminder look no further: General Rules and Own the Source Rule. If you do not understand any of these rules send a private message to an admin for further details.
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