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A Few Good Men (Legal Review Edition)

lapis molari

Better edits through feedback.
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Iconic! Awesome punchline to a very good movie. But not an awesome movie. Let's fix that. This edit of A Few Good Men was inspired by an online review by two lawyers:

I cut as much as possible of the points they criticize, e.g. the completely WTF?! scene of "I object" > "Overruled" > "I strenuously object".
Tom Cruise and Kevin Bacon still walk around the courtroom and don't formally submit items for evidence, but there's no solution to that without access to the master files in Castle Rock's vaults.

While doing that, I also trimmed moments that needlessly made Cruise unlikable, or Moore less competent, or were simple filler.

The result is a faster-paced, legally more accurate courtroom drama that runs 119 minutes instead of the original 138 minutes.

This is a straightforward edit:
- Lots of trims and cuts (19 minutes).
- One scene was shifted in the timeline (a flashback now opens the movie, making it play chronological).
- Sound replacement around one transition (using Freesound.org 's excellent archive).
- Subtitles edited accordingly.

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