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A Handful Of Dollars


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This is my attempt at shortening an already short film, "A Fistful Of Dollars". At the moment, I have cut the following scenes:

Removed opening scene
Removed Rojo telling Esteban that he doesn't trust Joe
Removed Joe hiding with Marisol
Removed Joe and the Coffinmaker in the cave

The film already flows a lot better. Next, I'll be trimming scenes, especially the burning of the town, which feels to me like it goes on for too long.
Okay, I think I've finished the edit. If anyone wants to see a preview and suggest any more changes, feel free to DM for a link.
I've been thinking of colorgrading it in the style of the 2021 4k release of The good the bad and the ugly

This is the original film with no grading,


And this is with the grade. I'm going to have bothe versions of the edits available,
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