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Alan Clarke's The Firm: Extended Hybrid Cut (TM2YC)


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I just watched the 1989 BBC TV movie 'The Firm' by Alan Clarke, starring Gary Oldman. There are two cuts on the blu-ray, this quick fanedit combines as much as possible from both versions.

The more extreme, uncensored footage of the reconstructed "Director's Cut" workprint makes it the best official version of Alan Clarke's 'The Firm' to watch, since the film is about violence. However, the originally released 'Broadcast Version' (screened on BBC, 26th February 1989) has nearly 5-minutes of excellent character scenes not in the DC, including an additional opening sequence. I wanted to watch all the material in one version.

Broadcast Version: 01.06.59
Director's Cut: 01.08.06

Extended Hybrid Cut: 01.12.23
Time Added: 5 minutes
Time Cut: 1 minute

I've done the artwork in the style of the poster for 'The Warriors', another gang movie.



"Celtic - what we gotta do with Scotland"

"You're gonna need some more plastic surgery Michael"
As a West Ham fan - Me and my mates used to recite the Firm constantly as teenagers in the laddish kind of little hooligans we were.

I've since long learned that hooliganism and a tribal mentality doesn't pay and the ultimate demise of the characters in the Firm is some what of a good statement against the life style. It was just a bit of testosterone fueled fun as a youngster that will ultimately lead you down nowhere street. Still....
the performances are great, it being my first introduction to the magnificent acting abilities of Gary Oldman as Bex . You knew back then he would go on to be a superstar.
I had a drink with Terry Sue Patt a couple of years before he sadly passed away (he is a friend of a friend of mine) he was really open and talked a lot about Gary Oldman and Gary's first big acting gig in the U.S in the State of Grace with Sean Penn (another classic that still holds up today) we also laughed and joked about his time in Grange Hill. It really was sad the way he passed away. He could have gone on to have a great career but it all went downhill when his brother died in a car accident they were both in and he turned to alcohol to cope.

It is funny how sometimes you think of something a lot out of the blue ...like little signals. I had been thinking about Terry around a month ago because something happened to our mutual friend who introduced me to him and then i started seeing The Firm DVD's in shops and at boot sales. This triggered me to want to watch The Firm again and then you post this... all very strange and spooky. Anyway i am happy you have tackled this as it saves me a job in the future...and no doubt your technical ability with these things has raised the bar :). It is quite a niche project and i am definitely appreciative that you have given us your version and i am eager to watch it. I was stunned when they actually announced the bluray but then again BFI had been releasing Alan Clarke's other films. The man really knows how to capture British culture on multiple levels.

The remake of the Firm is atrocious - i imagine you have seen it.

Bex' kid with razor blade still makes me wince

Right enough babbling on ... West Ham kick off in 15 minutes and i'm off to watch the game. Couldn't be bothered to go today and will watch it on the TV...too much celebrating last Thursday :)
The remake of the Firm is atrocious - i imagine you have seen it.

No I haven't but I thought it looked terrible from the photos and trailer, so it's good to know it's not worth finding out.
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