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Alien 3: The Re-assembly Cut.


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Alien 3 - The Re-Assembly Cut.

Original film name: Alien 3 (Theatrical & Assembly Cuts)
New film name: Alien 3: The re-assmbly Cut (didnt know what else to call it!)
Film Studio Name: 20th Century Fox
Fan Editor: Xeno_Alpha_07
Original Film release date: 21st Aurgust 1992 (UK) - (Assembly Cut) 12th April 2004
New Relase Date: 05/01/10
Original Runtime: Theatrical Cut: 114 minutes. Assembly Cut: 145 min
New Runtime: 120 mins (approx)
Amount of time Cut/Added : Assembly Cut: 30 mins (approx)
DVD Artwork: I've thrown something together, not a Photoshop expert, still working on the cover.
Software used: DVD Shrink, Womble MPEG Editor, TMPGEnc Xpress 4.0 & DVDLab Pro 2
Persons involved: Just me, and at times my friends laptop and software.
Additional Comment: Started this project a long time ago, PC problems have put this simple edit on halt more times than i can imagine. Plus this project has been started over on numerous times and i wasn't giving up. I appologise for not producing what i originally said i'd do i just hope that someone will like this edit.
Your intention for this fanedit: Taken both the Theatrical and Assembly cuts of Alien 3 and tried to make a re-edit based on the Workprint. I also wanted to see how Alien 3 'might/could' of looked if footage form the workprint were never cut from the final release of the film making a sort of official workprint theatrical cut. If you have seen the Alien 3 workprint you'll know what i mean. A Lot of the cuts i had planned for this edit i could not make due to the movies musical score and other tid bits, i dont yet have the proper skills to attempt certain edits. Most of the edits occur during the main 2nd half of the film, just like the workprint. Ive made 2 versions of this cut, but this is the one im uploading.
Fanedit details: For completeists i've added a deleted scenes section comprising of scenes i cut from and didn't include in my edit plus some deleted scenes from the Alien 3 Workprint. The Workprint scenes are in their original sound and picture quality due to someone else already reconstructing the workprint for another project. I have filled in the black matt bars at the top and bottom to get rid of the timmer featured on those scenes, these deleted scenes are on the Duel Layer version. PAL, Anamorphic Widescreen, Duel-Layer & Single layer
Files:Duel Layer 57 RAR Files 100mb each, Single Layer 41 Files 100mb each. Cover & Disc art included in the DVD-ROM folder.

Cuts Removed/Added/Trimmed:

* Kept the Opening scenes and EEV crash from the Theatrical Version. Didnt use any of the opening scenes from the Assembly cut.
* Kept the scene with Murphy and Spike "Oh god there you are!..."
* Didnt include the extra Morgue scene where Clemens asked if Newt was Ripley's daughter. Didn't think it was needed, scene worked well as it was. [Plus the film score prevented me form doing so.]
* Kept the Dog burster scenes. Even though it was good to see the Ox burster scenes i think it has the same impact horror wise as the Dog burster does.
* Kept the Dining room scene where Dillion confronts Boggs and Rains about there 'Dishormany' towwards Golic. From this scene i also removed a section with Aaron and Andrews "As i thought Mr. Aaron..." . Also left out the scene where Ripley asks Dillion what are they waiting for.
* Kept the scene where Boggs, Rains and Golic are about to embark on a foraging mission "Golic, you light a candle for Murphy..." this scene again builds Golics chacter.
* Trimmed the scene with Clemens and Andrews "Listen to me you peice of sh*t..." i trimmed off little bits/dialogue here and there, edited the dialogue between Andrews and Clemens so its the same as the workprint. I wanted to trim a lot more from this scene but again the films musical score prevented me from doing so. Also removed as much of the Aaron 85 character from the unnessasary places.
* Didnt include the scene with Golic smashing open a cigarette machine, wasnt needed or in the workprint.
* Kept the scenes with Golic in the dining hall. This is where Eric discovers Golic sat at a table eating cereal cover in blood. Also the scene where Dillon, Aaron, Andrews and Clemens approach him with a straight jacket.
* Ive left out alot of footage from the Infirmary scene and Clemens death. Kept in the extra line of dialogue from Golic. Also re added the shot of the Alien piercing Clemens skull, i removed the scene with Golic admiring the Alien due to blending problems with the next scene.
* Kept the extra line of dialogue where Morse confronts Ripley.
* Kept the theatrical version of preparing the trap for the Alien. I had planned to re arrange this sequence a little but again film score prevented me from doing so.
* Kept all footage of the fire spreading and the prisoners being burnt with the Alien being trapped from the Assembly Cut.
* Kept the trap aftermath scenes of Dillions eulogy and Aaron and Ripleys discussion of the company, but trimmed it a little. Music score prevented me from making the changes i wanted for this segment.
* Kept the scene with Golics escape.
* Kept and trimmed the scene where Ripley and Aaron send a message to the company. Ripley no longer tells Aaron that the creature is called a Xenomorph and Aaron no longer asked how to spell it. Even know this scene was in the workprint it has always annoyed me a little so this i trimmed for my own purpose.
* Kept Golic Killing a prisoner and letting the Alien out. Couldn't make the changes i originally wanted, film score again.
* Kept the scene where Dillion and Ripley discuss how and why they have to kill the Alien with Morse giving them the bad news, trimmed bits here and there on this scene.
* Kept in the scene with Dillion,Morse, Ripley and Aaron at the waste tank. Kept the dialogue where they talk about Golic letting the Alien out and changed one bit of dialogue so it fits with the next scene like in the Theatrical cut.
* Left out the scene where Dillion talks to the other Prisoners about the Alien being lose and one of them suggests going to the furnace
* Kept in the Assembly cut version of Dillion motivating the Prisoners for the Bait and Chase sequence.
* Kept most of the Theatrical version of the bait and chase sequence, only adding the scene where Dillion asks Troy to help the others and some of the prisoners end up back where they started.
* Only used segemnts of Bishop II and Ripley at the end, Bishop II trying to convince Ripley to go with him.
* Kept the original Theatrical ending with the Queen Chest burster as i felt it was a better ending.

I think thats all the cuts but i might of misseed some.
before you make the DVD..could you make it 16.9 the avi is 4.3 :)
Cheers for that AVP, will do bud.

Also noticed a glitch i missed out which im having troble with, might have to re-insert a scene since im havng troble.
also the avi is 720x576 and the audio is 29fps which dont match.
Im still learning these kind of things, so you'll have to bare with me on that sort of thing im affraid** sorry**. Whats the best way to sort the audio out so it matches the rest of the film? Thanks for the feed back to to matey.
output the video to 720x480.
i think the software you used to convert to AVI may have caused the problems...you should try AutoGK to create AVIs and its free.
it looks like this one needs a bit more work --> back to IN THE WORKS
Sorry for the topic move arounds Boon. Ok going get cracking with this now, thanks for feed back AVP les hope i can get this right and learn more!


Sorry AVP i need to pick your brains a minute mate. Finished some touches on my Edit in Womble Mpeg editor, you mentiond that the output of my original avi file was 720x756. Should i manualy change the settings so it exports the mpeg file to 720x480 before putting it through AutoGK? Also on the advanced output resolution settings should i sett he output to Auto width or fixed width 480? Again sorry to be a pain bud.
is the source PAL or NTSC?
then smart render to PAL.
Ok, going have a mess around :D then put it through AutoGK. Hope i get this one right!
OK tryng to use AutoGK but everytime i go to load the file it gives me a warning saying no video streams found. The file was Renderd PAL Mpeg. NO matter what i do it wont load the file, and if i try the convert to AVI using Womble, it gets to 1% then stops dead.
you can try avidemux - what i use on linux and there is a windows version.
Already tried bud, cheers anyways :)

Well goign to try another attempt in creating an AVI usin winAVI which a mate of mines lent me, again no matter what i do when i use autoGK it always says "No video streams present..." so if this avi isnt right then im going to work on the Deleted scenes section and just work on the DVD, that will keep me occupied for a while.

Oh before i forget, AVP did you watch the film bud?
try eac3to tool. It has integrated recompression, demux, fps changer and audio stretching and delay
The Alien 3 Electronic Press Kit has been copied to my computer from VHS. Going to run it through some VDub fllters to try and clean it alittle. Once thats done ive still got to work on the deleted scenes section. Ive fallen behind alittle so most of the stuff i needed to work on hasnt been done.
One section of deleted scenes is almost ready. This the the section of scenes i didnt use in this edit and also noted which ones were featured in the workprint and which ones werent. The reason is i get asked alot lol. The second deleted scenes section the the workprint reconstruction scenes...im undecided weather to mix all 3 versions to re-created the best i can the cut scenes form the workprint or just use the workprint footage as normal. Once im done i'll post an example.


Heres some snapshots of the deleted scenes layout so far.

Used a picture of the Alien 3 editor Terry Rawlings editing the film itself.






OK section one of the deleted scenes is complete. The workprint reconstruction scenes will take longer as the Aspect Ratios are different. So this will take longer to complete. I've decided to reconstruck the workprint scenes so it will help me learn alot more about Aspect Ratios and methods in matching them etc.
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