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Aliens: No Hope Edition

Bobson Dugnutt

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Inspired by my media teacher's hatred for the early Hadley's Hope scenes in Aliens (the only reason that we watched the theatrical cut in class was due to these 2 scenes in the SE), I've created a cut without them to preserve the mystery and suspense about what truly happened to the colonists, so that we reveal what happened when Ripley finds out. The scenes also don't really serve the story and take away from the main plot with Ripley so they can go really, the theatrical works wonders without them.

- cut the colonists discussing the orders from Weyland-Yutani
- cut Newt and her family discovering The Derelict and finding the Facehugger  

- Special Edition commentary with James Cameron, Cast and Crew, edited to fit 
- Deleted Colonist Scenes with optional commentary 

Good idea for an edit, I never liked those scenes. So you left in all the other scenes, including the Ridley's daughter bit from the beginning? I wouldn't have minded removing that too, it makes the ending too on the nose. Thanks for editing one of my favorite films!
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