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Ambulance-Cut to the chase (Michael Bay’s overlong heist film)


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Wow, Michael Bay's film suffers some great dialog but have some amazing action scenes.
And it's way too long for an action packed heist/chase movie.

This edit will have the 80% of the scenes taken place in the Ambulance and we will have their p.o.v of the events.
The less time spent with the cops the better to keep the suspence higher.

-trim dialog
-trim drone shots (yes, there's a lot of them)
-keep the suspence higher (don't tell the viewer what's gonna happen., just let it happen)

The running time is planned to 90-95 min
Original Running time: 2h 16 min
This clip is the warehouse chase and I have cut out the dog part
Did a update on the first clip. I think this is smoother and works better.

This sequence goes from the escape out of the bank to the cop getting shot.
Original cut: 5 min
Fanedit: 3,38 min

Here's the cut list.
The Running time is at the moment 96min.

-Cut Will visit at Danny's place
-Cut Cam saving the little girl (Lindsey)
-Cut Cafe scene
-Cut car scene with the cops
-Cut captain Monroe and his dog
-Trimmed the heist
-Cut Cam and Scott after the cafe
-Cut meeting with cops
-Cut FBI agent introduction
-Cut cop scene
-Cut dead end street scene
-Cut scene at Papi's
-Cut out dog from chase scene
-Cut cops setting up scene
-Cut Danny and Will singing scene
-Cut the river scene
-Cut Lindsey at hospital

also reduced the overused drone shots
A pre-view version is ready to roll.

Original running time: 136min
Fanedit: 96min
Time cut: 40min

mega only for now.
the final version will also be uploaded to my vimeo channel.
Cool idea for an edit. I'm apart of the (probably) small minority that actually quite enjoyed this film. Will definitely be checking it out.
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