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AMDS films


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tagline:: Neo wins.
original film name:: Matrix Trilogy, Terminator Quadrilogy, First Blood part 2, Robocop Trilogy and many more
new film name : AMDS films
edit crew name : AMDS
Date Original Film Was Released : releases are from 2006 to 2009
Date Edit Was Released : September 2009 (on DVD)
New Runtime : overall about 90 minutes

Fanedit details:
This is a compilation DVD of most of the works by AMDS, who is an awesome mash-up artist. He releases on youtube and other video hosting services and is incredibly famous with millions of viewings. His most famous works are the "fight of the universe" Neo videos and "Terminator vs Robocop"

The compilation includes the following videos:
  • Fight Of The Universe (all episodes)
    Terminator vs Robocop eps 1, eps 2, trailer 1 and 2 for eps 3
    Survivor: Arny vs Sly
    3 Days In Roman
    Recreated Avatar trailer (for James Cameron's new movie)
    Black Glasses
    King Kong chant
    Gollum and Smeagol sing Barry White
    Hamlet is Back
    Yoda sings Louis Armstrong

DVD details:
NTSC anamorphic widecreen (different resolutions)
audio AC-3 2.0
still menus with sound
cover art in DVD_ROM folder
size : about 2GB

watch them all here: http://spiritsnodeal.canalblog.com/

Intention for this fanedit:
My intention as the one authoring the DVD was of course to create a collection of stunning works that should be viewed on DVD.
AMDS intention for each of the shorts is to make possible what seems impossible. Create new plots from different sources.

How intention was achieved:
DVD authoring: I collected the best available sources from the web and painstakingly tried to create the best possible quality conversion of them for the DVD. The result is mediocre. Most of the videos have ghost artifacts or other errors. For some of the old stuff I had to use a very low resolution to present them in a watchable quality.
"Tom Cruise" and "Duel" were not included because the quality was just too bad.
This is mark I of this collection. "Terminator vs Robocop, episode 3" with a length of 22 minutes will come out soon and I will add it to the collection then as well as a new version of "Scrat in new York" that I found after the DVD was already finished and uploaded.
Video creation: AMDS used scenes from lots of different movies and combined them to a new watching experience, using whatever was technically possible to let them flow as a new plot. He added SFX and new CGI as well as new score and sounds. The result is stunning.

Additional Comment: This is mark I. There will be new releases if new material or better versions become available. The DVD was not authorized by AMDS, who is a member of faneditforum.com, but has not posted in a long time.

Time needed for the edition:
3 years for creatign the videos. 1 day for converting the videos and creating the DVD.
persons involved: AMDS (mash up creation), boon23 (conversion of the videos and DVD authoring)

cover art by boo23 (download here)

available on fanedit.info
wow, awesome!!! I love these shorts, and its cool to be able to watch them on my TV (even if not perfect). Thanks boon!!! Everyone should really check out these short edits by AMDS, they are really cool!
Great stuff! Kinda fun watching movies I wouldn't normally care about.

He missed one of the all-time best moments for "Black Glasses", though. I think it definitely should've ended with Rex Kramer removing his glasses to reveal another pair underneath, from "Airplane!"
Not to sound like a shill, but have you tried Topaz Enhance or Topaz Moment for upscaling low-quality video? I recently tried doing this with a really, really low-quality Domo-kun clip, since it wasn't on the DVD I bought. (Yes, I bought a Domo-kun DVD. Don't judge me.) It worked out better than I expected, and better than anything else I tried, which admittedly wasn't much.

You might want to look into it.
yes, I tried it and a lot of others. Lanzcos3 is one of the best filters for upscaling. That's why I used it. But I am still hoping for better quality versions.
AMDS released
on youtube just two days ago!

The only thing he could improve on is his english spelling.
Great fan film!
thanks for the link, boinger. It is visually stunning in parts, other parts look like cheap computer effects. The plot development and atmosphere varies quite drastically. Now while I think this is a failure as a movie, it is just so awesome to watch it and SEE and HEAR what AMDS has done. An incredible achievement, a fascinating experiment and some truly remarkable effects work.
Robocop in the skynet building was the best part for me, especially when he changes the time machine code and Arnie looks at him, ready for his mission. I can totally see this as part of an extended edition for T2 or T3.
My huge respect and admiration to AMDS and his talent. Kudos.
Agree with boon. While it IS an amazing experience and shows great skills and all, I think I like his work better when the special effects are just a way to blend the shots for the edit to work rather than being the main focus of the movie. This new short is more a fan film using pictures of movies than a "real" fanedit to me.
That said it is a work of titan and it shows how far we can go now with home technology. It just also shows the limitation of that.
An incredible experience anyway that opens doors on so many levels.
It's a bit like the AVATAR of fanediting. lol.
Thanks for the link, boinger! Impressive stuff.
RoboCop vs Terminator part 3, completed as I was told by AMDS. Can't check it out for myself right now.
T-HOPE said:
RoboCop vs Terminator part 3, completed as I was told by AMDS. Can't check it out for myself right now.
It's the same as the last video, only new text at the begining I think.
TMBTM said:
T-HOPE said:
RoboCop vs Terminator part 3, completed as I was told by AMDS. Can't check it out for myself right now.
It's the same as the last video, only new text at the begining I think.
I can't watch it, I'm at work. However AMDS posted the link as official release so I thought I should share it here.
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