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Version 2 [grindhoused] - Video: 2160p (4K)

I have been working on a wild Stars Wars edit of Rogue One (2016). This is a Short for IFDb. It took a great deal of time to make even though someone might describe it as "just text" and "slowed down". I did a lot more than that. I color graded. I reframed some shots. I wrote out and added all the text. I wrote a script. I timed the music to the scene perfectly, I think. It has a small story with on-screen text akin to an actual Star Wars film and it's scroller expository text (at the beginning). With my edit, I added text throughout. It is supposed to be nihilistic. I hope I achieved that grimness properly, and darkly enough.

This edit is a small part of a larger story, but what I did, by itself, does show action and tells the history of the character and Code at the same time. It's about twice as long as my DEPTH short. I did research on the Sith in Star Wars lore, script writing, and timing of edits to the music. If this edit is allowed (John Carpenter's Escape from Colorado) then I do believe my edit fits with how much work I put into it. I did lots of audio work, color grading, reframing, searching for ideal fonts, text formatting, spacing, and fading, etc. and more.

Start a cuppa joe, or grab a pint, or pack your favourite legal smoking tobacco, or do them all! Take a big gulp and a nice toke. Hold it in. And exhale.. put your headphones on, turn the volume up.. and now you're ready to watch. Click play :) and I hope you enjoy!

For super high quality versions please Direct Message me.

-Peace is a lie

-there is only passion

-Through passion I gain strength
-Through strength I gain power
-Through power I gain victory
-Through victory my chains are broken
-The Force shall free me

at the end:

-The Jedi once thought this
-slave child from Tatooine

-would grow up to become
-the Chosen One

-The Jedi once thought this man
-would bring balance to the galaxy

-all he brought was downfall

-He is now a cybernetically
-enhanced Sith Lord

-Feared by all

-They call him Darth Vader

-But his real name is


Script Sources:
-Knights of The Old Republic [Video Game, 2003]
-The Sith Code [Opening Text]
-Atton Rand [Character Quote]
-www.starwars.com [for Darth Vader's history]

-Unofficial Star Wars Sound Library
-Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

"Below Zero"
Artist: SLVG

Various shots from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
Some shots color graded and re-framed

Palace Script MT Regular

ifdb title:
ANAKIN: A Tale of the Sith Code
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Very cool. I mucked about with Rogue One footage to create a music video. You might enjoy it.
This is probably the only Star Wars edit I'll ever make.
I have a major update for this coming soon. This update should/will be the final version. And then I will submit it to IFDb.

The version above is quite complete, but what I am doing now should round it out even more. I am adding a new layer to it/layers.. you'll see. Trying to boost the aesthetics even more, as well as adding voice-over for the script using 11Labs, if it works out..
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Here are some of the credits that will be at the end of Version 2, coming soon, as described above. This new version has a heavy grindhoused look, for lack of a better word, and I hope it looks good. The total runtime is now 5 minutes.



All three editors have provided valuable feedback
Final Version release:

I highly recommend reaching out for the downloadable option since YouTube compression is so horrible now.

This is the final version! It features dialogue made from Eleven Labs, along with some actual dialogue from Revenge of the Sith.
It has a completely new grindhouse aesthetic and color grade.
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