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ATTN Cappers: Upcoming UK specials


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Please use this space to notify cappers in the UK of upcoming television specials that would be great to preserve. Ex: Behind the Scenes specials, Interviews, Special Commentaries, Making of's...

When posting, please include:

  • exact show name (e.g., Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - A T4 movie special)
  • Network station (e.g., BBC1, ITV, Channel 4...)
  • Date and time
  • If it has multiple airings, or is a one time show

keep us posted!!!
hahaha, you guys get the best shows, especially for special editions and preservations!!!! How could I forget you!!
Harry Potter and the goblet of fire: behind the magic (runtime:15mins),ITV1 2/9/09...dont know if you have this throw i can cap it if you want.
AvP said:
Harry Potter and the goblet of fire: behind the magic (runtime:15mins),ITV1 2/9/09...dont know if you have this throw i can cap it if you want.

WOW, Goblet of Fire!!! No, I could REALLY use that one. Can't believe they are re-airing it. Please cap it for me if you can. thank you! I really hope they re-air some more older specials
Surprising that they'd re-air a Goblet Of Fire special at this point.
I guess that explains it. It's pretty cool that they'd do that though. Do they do it often?
not really....i was shocked that ITV didnt have their logo on never seen that done before on anything they air.
sweet. remind me to name my first child after you :)
wow, that is tehmegasuck for 3 reasons:

- possible harry potter archives loss
- your DVR might be bad
- your legacy might not continue (I was so wanting to name my son AvP ;D :D :D :D )
Isn't it possible to connect a DVR to a PC and transfer content that way?
this i do not know about. I have a capture card that I can hook my cable directly into. thats how i cap. i dont have a DVR. but i hope AvP can get it all straightened out.
nope...even wont play normal DVDs tryed a lense cleaner but no luck :-\
I didn't know that there were DVD recorders/burners in DVR's. Can you hook up a DVD recorder to it and record it that way? Or maybe connect your DVR to your computer and just transfer it?
i might be able to hook it to my VHS/DVD recorder providing its go 2 scart sockets.
Not sure what a scart socket is but good luck. Do DVR's have USB ports on the back for firmware upgrades? If so would it be possible to transfer it to a flash drive and then to your PC?
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