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Awesome Online Videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

IMPS The Relentless is still being worked on, over 18 years after the debut. I feel less bad about RVKF2K's decade plus wait now!

Just a little experiment I did, checking out what wonders AI dubbing can accomplish:

I'm gonna tell kids that this is Poor Things...

Ok, seriously though, this is directed by Spike Jonze, and if you remember his Weapon Of Choice video, it makes total sense. 6 years ago, nobody knew who Margaret Qualley was, but as this shows: they should have. The track is by Sam i and Ape Drums featuring Assassin, called "My Mutant Brain". Oh, and this is somehow a perfume commercial...I guess?
Did you guys know that Keanu Reaves actually speaks Spanish and has a YouTube account where he does John Wick stuff like he does in the movies. I had no idea Keanu Reaves' actual real name is Marcos Jeeves. I never knew...................................................

If the John Wick Blureys (which I own) have a Spanish language setting than a Spanish themed John Wick edit with added Spanish music and other Spanish motifs could honestly make for quite an entertaining fanedit.
Alright, I know this was a big deal when it came out on Adult Swim years back, but I missed it. The less someone knows before watching, the better.

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Okay, this has to be one of the most insane movie trailers I've ever seen.... Spider-webs. Running. Webs. Gangs. Fast computer typing. Violence. Sexy rolling around. Typing! Webs! Gangs! Forests! Fast mouse scrolling! Piggyback rides! Fighting! "Accepted"! Cut the rain drops! Love!

I cannot imagine the movie maintains this kind of schizophrenic energy, but color me intrigued.
^ The movement effect on the still images is of course very glitchy but still enormously impressive that it works at all and to that level.

That reminded me to post a music video from a few months ago created by a band I've been following for years called 'The Indelicates', for their new single 'Cold War Bop'. They've used AI to put themselves into cold war photographs and then AI animated it. I imagine it's the same sort of techniques as the Star War vids used. IIRC Simon (the singer/writer) made the video himself. In this case I think the AI weirdness is an intentional part of the visual message.

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I thought these A.I.-generated vids by Abandoned Films were a bit of fun, despite the weirdly-creepy limitations -

There's a heap of others such as 'Dune' and 'The Matrix' shown here too - https://www.youtube.com/@abandonedfilms/videos
The top one is definitely better than the bottom one... a lot of this looks awesome frankly, like the kind of thing where I feel like Lucas would say "perfect! My whole life has been to hope for computers to be able to make this for me!" ...Except for that Darth Vader, who looks comically janky.
Knowing he speaks a lot of languages, thank heavens Viggo does this wonderful interview in English! Might be my favourite one of these French video store tours:

^Added to my watchlist. I quite liked Nolan and Murphy's, where the former essentially geeks out and explains the whole video store to Murphy, title by title. lol
In Chile they aired the Star Wars OT uninterrupted sponsored by Cristal beer. The way they incorporated the promotion into the movies is hilarious.

Yeah, those cracked me up when they first started making the rounds. The ANH Death Star one got me surprise-laughing the hardest.
I've recently been looking at a lot of videos on filmmaking and the technical aspects of it on YouTube. Some good, some bad, some warning me about misinformation online, and so on. In Depth Cine's videos on the many lenses used to make your favorite movies have been holding my attention the most. This is the first video of six in the series (As of this posting, and I hope they make more). Of the ones featured, the Panavision C-Series Anamorphics are my favorite. Seriously, the examples are jaw dropping.

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