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Battlestar Galactica Edits by David Kerin


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original film name: Battlestar Galactica: 2 Classic Episodes: Gun on Ice Planet Zero & War of the Gods
new film name : Battlestar Glactica: Gun on Ice Planet Zero & War of the Gods
film studio name :Universal
edit crew name : David Kerin
Date Original Episodes Were Released : 1978
Date Edit Was Released : May 2008
Original Runtime : Two 45 minute episodes

Fanedit details:

Gun on Ice Planet Zero:

* *Added in some deleted scenes from the series DVD set.
* *New shot of 3 raiders flying over clouds as they approach Kree.
* *Raiders firing lasers while forcing his fighter down.
* *Newly created shot of Starbuck and Boomer flying over clouds to take out repeated shot.
* *Newly created shot of Killian's fighter being destroyed to take out repeated shot.
* *Shot of Raider exploding over snowy terrain when Starbuck shoots it with the Landram Turret.
* *Energy effect around Kree when he is connected to the Mind Probe.
* *Edited in different shots during the cylon fighers' attack on the fleet. However this was a cheat on my part as they are lifted from the Saga re-edit.
* *New and alternate shots of the pulsar firing through and around the fleet.
* *Added laser blasts from the blasters and Cylon rifles during the attack on the pulsar and garrison.

War of the Gods

* *Revised to show only 4 (correct number) of Vipers in openind scene.
* *New shots of light ships (the glowing balls) to take out repeated shots.
* *Shot of Viper being taken out of space with energy bolt by the large ship of lights.
* *Added some deleted scenes from DVD
* *Changed colors on scoreboard after Triad where Boomer's team wins to show Green for his and Red for Apollo/Starbuck.
* *Added more of a glowing light beaming effect for the interior of the Ship of Lights.
* *Added a devilish figure (taken from Iblis' devil image) inside the wreckage when Apollo looks in.

DVD Details: 4.28GB
includes bonus feature: BSG Destiny's End trailer (which kind of gives an alternate version to their finding Earth)

persons involved: David Kerin


Maybe downloadable from Fanedit.info
This one is naked on .org, i have however made cover art for it if any of the staff would like to put it on the site:

Awesome Rogue! Thanks. I'll get on that.
where can i find this edit:
[h=1]Battlestar Galactica: Saga of a Starworld[/h]spend hours of searching...nothing..
please help.
i know.but why can´t i post the link to a file i search when in the first post a link show me the page;
persons involved: David Kerin


Maybe downloadable from Fanedit.info

if you know where i can find this please help.
thanks frink
benduwan said:
i know.but why can´t i post the link to a file i search when in the first post a link show me the page;
persons involved: David Kerin


Maybe downloadable from Fanedit.info

if you know where i can find this please help.
thanks frink

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so many to read...
i have spend some hours to search on google and fanedits to find them.
only deleted links.i have pm david kerin some days bevor.here and on OT.com...nothing.
i have the original movie,the cinema version.
so i like to seen this extended version.
hope someday this movie come back.
thanks again for your support frinks.
edit: link removed!
I've seen a couple of these and you know, there's some things that I really love about them (some of the new SPFX) and there's some things that I really don't like about them (some of the new SPFX). They have become really hard to find. You can always make your own. I took a crack at it and have made two with one more in the works. There is a bit of a learning curve involved and in my opinion that's part of the fun. The learning curve isn't a whole lot of fun while it's happening but once you learn the basics it really opens doors for you.

The first one that I tackled was a take on the old Mission Galactica movie, which I was never lucky enough to see. I pasted together The Living Legend 1 & 2 with Fire and Space and a few scenes from another episode. No deleted scenes went in, no new fx. Just some creative cutting. I am not a fan of old dude dating young gals stories so the ENTIRE Cain/Cassiopia story line was ejected. I also trimmed some scenes with Apollo and Starbuck to basically have them criticize Cain less in public and more in private and less of the he-said she-said stuff with the botched mission. There are elements of it there and now it plays out more in a style of Adama knows that Cain is a loose cannon and is careful with his new partner.

I used to come to these and another forum a lot and think dang I can't find this edit or that edit or why doesn't someone make an edit of this movie that way? Eventually I took the scissors in my own hands and started to make my own edits. Do it, you'll have a great time, I promise. Make the cuts you want to see. Don't try to be Adywan if that isn't your skill set, do what you can as well as you can and just have fun with it.
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