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Battlestar Galactica

So I think my excitement for classic BSG Remastered is waning slightly.... lol.

It sounds like this will just be a North American release of the German version blu-rays that came out a year or so ago.

As of right now, and unsurprising when one considers how cheap Universal is when it comes to their dvd releases, there will be no new FX on this set.

Also, while the pilot/theatrical version was shot in 16x9, the tv show was 4X3. Thus, to make it 16x9 either means stretching/squishing or cutting out some of the picture for reframing... neither is ideal.

And the majority of the bonus features sound identical to the ones I already have.

Though I gotta admit, I bought the BSG movie on blu-ray and it looked absolutely gorgeous!

Hhhmmmmm....... and May is my birthday.... maybe I can talk my bride and daughter into buying it for me.... LOL.
Only a couple more days to the release of the Remastered Series....

I hate how the only version with the original aspect ratio is the more expensive "definitive" set. Will probably have to wait awhile for the price to drop before I can make the purchase.

Also it's hilarious how they're trying to justify the pan and scanning in that video. I mean, sure I think it'd be cool to see a widescreen version of BSG, but to pretend like that's the best way to remaster it is silly.
uggg, this is as bad as 4:3 pan-n-scan. Black bars are OK people, get over it.
I already own the original series release and I absolutely love it. Being a geek of a certain age (LOL) I do not mind 4x3.

But after buying the blu-ray of the theatrical film version, and seeing how glorious the colours and improved picture quality were compared to the tv set release (though some complain it is too scrubbed), I think the double dip is worth it... lol

While it is true, Universal is notorious for doing things the fast, cheap, easy way, most online reviews by classic BSG fans of the German blu-ray set has been very positive. As for the 16x9 version, I think this will be an interesting fun alternative. In Canada, our SPACE channel airs TOS and TNG in 16x9 HD, and for the most part it looks pretty decent, with out significant visual information loss, and still enjoyable to watch.
Brief report on the remastered BSG.... the key word is "remastered", it is not "RESTORED" like TNG or TOS.

It looks BEAUTIFUL on Blu-ray!

Of the two versions, the original 4x3 looks the most visually stunning. The colours really seem to pop more and the depth of picture seems richer. The new 16x9 looks wonderful too, but not quite as rich. BSG sites seems to suggest the remastering was done by two different teams. I suspect, the 4x3 may be the original German blu-ray work while the 16x9 was done by the current Universal team. The only weakness of both versions is some of the fx shots, as many still look very dirty and soft focus.

In regards to the upscaling to 16x9, I think Universal did a very good job for a show 35 years old and never designed (except for the pilot which was released theatrically to offset costs) as widescreen. Information loss seems to be minimal. There are couple of scenes here and there that I noticed.... the wide shots of the Imperious Leader chamber or the Council of Twelve or dinner scene. But I would say 90% of the new framing works exceptionally well. And if you had never seen the episode before, the average viewer probably would not notice.

But the 4x3 is the true winner! If you are classic BSG fan or if you have been on the fence about this new release, I highly recommend it. :thumb:
39 Yahrens ago today my absolute favourite sci-fi show premiered!!!


Still love it to this very day.  Pure escapist epic space opera magic!  :D
Stumbled upon this excellent "history" of nuBSG....


A great watch.  :)
If you have never checked out Rowan J Coleman, you are doing yourself a disservice.   He has a great knack for distilling a series down to its essence within a few minutes.   His reviews/insights are fair without having to resort to negativity or bashing.  

Classic BSG:


For me of course, classic is the clear winner!  :D
I love it's classic space opera stylings and find it's brief one season still thoroughly rewatchable and fun.

But I do have a soft spot for NuBSG. 
Loved seasons one and two.
Season three was a mixed bag.
Season four... a complete frustrating mess for me.

I remember reading (wish I could remember the exact article..?) where Ronald Moore commented that he regretted that he ever gave a specific number (12) of Human Cylon models.  As it painted them into a corner and led to the whole Final Five arc... which some fans loved, but I thoroughly hated.  :p

September 17, 1978 was the epic three hour premiere SAGA OF A STARWORLD!

And my life was never the same!!!  :D

Still getting love all these yahrens later... 😁 :love:
Whatever happened to that revival Sam Esmail was working on?
Whatever happened to that revival Sam Esmail was working on?
Still in development at Peacock. They announced a new showrunner/producer about a week or two ago, though I don't remember who....?
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