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Blade Runner - Electric Unicorn Cut by spacemonk


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Extended Edition

original film name: Blade Runner
new film name: Blade Runner - Electric Unicorn Cut
film studio name: The Ladd Group
faneditor: spacemonk
Date Original Film Was Released: 25 JUN 1982
Date Edit Was Released here: 30 MAR 09
Original Runtime: 117 min
New Runtime: 127 min
Amount of time Cut/Added: 10 min added

Additional Scenes:
-Encyclopedia definition of replicants, just before the rollup text
-Deckard visiting Holden at the hospital
-Longer ride to Tyrell Corp (to maker room for longer voice over)
-Custom made search-of-Leons-apartment-scene
-Custom made Unicorn-dream-scene (he asleep in this one, not opening his eyes like in the final cut)
-Deckard looking at photo of himself and his wife
-Deckard eating noodles and thinking of fish scales
-Short clip of topless Rachel in the make-out scene
-Bryant and Gaff looking at Deckard and Holden talking about "metaphysics"
-Longer Batty-and-JF-Sebastian-going-to-Tyrell-scene
-Longer Batty-leaving-Tyrell-scene
-Gaff saying "are you shure you are a man" before saying "i guess you're through"
-"I think you and I are made for eachother"-scene after the end credits
-plus some other bits and pieces stuck in here and there

DVD details:
Menus are custom made, but made in the same style as the ones in the "Ultimate Collectors Edition" box.

-Optional voice over - made from material from theatrical cut and from deleted scenes ("I watched him die all night..." instead of "I don't know why he saved my life")

Fanedit Details (by el_silloneb):
This is another extended cut of Blade Runner, much like ADM's version but with a few notable differences such as the opening sequence; just like the official version but with the addition of the dictionary definitions of 'Replicant', the inclusion of the unicorn dream sequence (which ADM removed) and one of the 'happy ending' deleted scenes running after the end credits finish. There are a few other differences such as the placement of the deleted cityscape establishing shots and the use of music cues. It also includes one deleted shot not present in ADM's version, the shot looking down from the Bradbury building as Deckard drives up revealing the fact that the road he is on is suspended well above ground level which explains how Deckard can be dangling over an insanely high drop later on after apparently only walking up a few flights of stairs (and doing a little climbing). All in all it's another, slightly different, extended version of Blade Runner (for those of us who want the deleted scenes AND the unicorn dream sequence included) it is technically very well produced, it has a fantasticly produced DVD menu mimicking the ones used in the official Final Cut release and is an all round high quality release. I have to say that I do slightly prefer this version to the one by ADM but this is not because of his work as an editor, which is uniformally brilliant (including his work on the Blade Runner Extended Edition), but simply because of a difference in taste: he prefers the voice over (also present as an option on the Electric Unicorn Cut DVD though not with the wide range of options that ADM provided) where as I do not, he doesn't like the unicorn sequence but I do. Both are superb editions, this one just happens to be more to my taste.
I was contacted by someone who downloaded it and he wanted to help sharing it. :)
great - i was hoping someone would step up and share this :)
yes, I took a sneak peek at the DVD and it looks great. Created with a lot of care.
"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe". That's what i usually say to my friends when i try to introduce them to the marvelous world of fanedits. One of the most famous lines of one of the most overlooked movies of the 20th century. Just when i thought i'd finally seen the definitive edition of Blade Runner, following the release of the masterful ADM Extended Edition in 2008, along comes a firstling to razzle-dazzle me, once more. Once i saw the notice of a new BR edit, my heart skipped a beat, mostly because it is my favorite movie. Immediately i decided to download it, and, after watching it, there's only one thing to say: it is extraordinary. In pure craftsmanship terms, the DVD presentation is flawless - i still can't believe these aren't simple "clones" of the Final Cut Edition menus -, and the artwork provided with the download is superb.

The inclusion of the "dictionary scene" at the beggining adds something, but wasn't mandatory, by any extent, especially since the editor kept the text scroll. Technically speaking, this edit is virtually flawless, with no hard cuts, and excellent audio work. My two single and small gripes - apart from the minute difference in image quality of some integrated deleted scenes - are: if you're listening to the voice-over audio track, Deckard's monologue after he leaves Bryant's office and heads for the Tyrrell building is somewhat redundant, since it basically provides the same information given in the Bryant-Deckard scene, minutes before (without the voice-over, this "problem" disappears, and the inclusion of these scenes is a major plus); a small continuity error in the Deckard's apartment scene, later in the movie, when Rachel takes the glass off Deckard's hand while he sleeps, but later on he awakes and almost drops the same glass - nothing of great importance, and probably only a BR maniac like me would notice.

I remember commenting recently on ADM's Extended Edition and, almost forebodingly, stating that the absence of the Unicorn scene was the only thing that could possibly be discussed - i understand and respect ADM's decision, and the edit is none the worse for it. However, spacemonk having decided to (re)integrate the Unicorn was a major plus for this particular edit, since, IMHO ofcourse, it adds another layer of metaphysical poetry to a movie that is, in itself, pure cinemat(ograph)ic and visual poetry. The integration of the deleted scenes was done masterfully, and the audio quality is remarkable. The inclusion of a "happy ending" once again distinguishes this edit from ADM's, and choosing to post it after the end credits is a masterful stroke, allowing the viewer to choose to watch it, or not, while providing an extra amount of closure, if needed.

In closing, i must give this edit two thumbs up, and a 10 star-rating - only because it's the same rating i gave ADM's, and it would be unfair to do otherwise in regards to this one. However, i cannot recommend this edit over ADM's, or vice-versa. I can only hope people get them BOTH, mainly because they complete eachother and, together, are the "final final cut" of a movie of which, someone, somewhere, once said "depicts a grimy, acid, polluted world. But i'd give anything to live in it."

Bra-vo spacemonk.

PS: While you're at it, and in the pursuit of completion, don't miss Uncanny Antman's superb splitscreen edition of Blade Runner. Another unmissable gem.
this is hereby approved.
yep, torrent is deleted it seems.
Does anyone know who Spacemonk is or rather if there is anything else that they're working on?
The overall quality of this release is remarkable.
Just came across this project recently - this extended cut sounds incredible! I always liked the unicorn scene, so am glad it's included, and the DVD menus designed to be in keeping with the 'Ultimate' collection is a very sweet move.

Is there any possibility of the torrent for this cut going back up any time soon?

The fastest and easiest thing is to install JD and load the dlc file and just let it download automatically, just like a torrent.
Plus, you don't have to seed anything.
check out fanedit.info for a step by step.
I completely agree, the JD .dlc solution is far superior to .torrent in almost every way. OK, if there is an uber-seeder online the .torrent may be slightly quicker on occasion but on the whole JD works for me, as soon as you finish downloading you can burn then delete (no seeding required) leaving plenty of space on your hard drive for more.
You should try it...
el_silloneb said:
...as soon as you finish downloading you can burn then delete (no seeding required) leaving plenty of space on your hard drive for more.
Off topic I know, but are people using media they trust to not go bad? Personally I keep everything on my hard drive (and backed up) even after burning. The only time I delete is if I know it's something I'm not going to watch again.
Good point but I tend to make a back up copy of every disc and also keep the .dlc file so I can always get it again.
Plus, I'm just a poor boy with a small hard drive... :-( , so space is an issue.

Now, back on to the topic; what did you think of the Electric Unicorn Cut?
TV's Frink said:
el_silloneb said:
...as soon as you finish downloading you can burn then delete (no seeding required) leaving plenty of space on your hard drive for more.
Off topic I know, but are people using media they trust to not go bad? Personally I keep everything on my hard drive (and backed up) even after burning. The only time I delete is if I know it's something I'm not going to watch again.[/quote:3aqz0wz8]

:lol: :lol: :lol: keep on hard drive :lol: :lol: :lol: I would need a server with all the fanedits. I use only Verbatim or Ritek media.
I use only Verbatim or Ritek media
I second that ThrowgnCpr, especially Verbatim.
Is this discussion going to need it's own Topic/thread?

Or is someone going to talk about the Electric Unicorn Cut?

(No offence but I'm interested in what people think of this one)
Throw, I think you are interested in many more fanedits than I am (to your credit). I don't keep that many fanedits - my interests are fairly narrow, sad to say, but I am who I am. I have a 500 GB drive and a 1 TB backup, and I'm probably using about 150-200 GB for fanedits. But a lot of that is just stuff I just haven't had a chance to watch yet. For example, I still have tons of SW Prequel edits on my hard drive that will almost certainly be deleted once I get through the cutlists.

I apologize for hijacking this thread. I netflixed Blade Runner several months ago, and just thought it was so-so. So I really should exit this thread. Bye bye...
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