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ok. well first of all i know alot of people did not care for this film. i always got the whole, " hand held cam", "blair witch" and other comments.... so on and so forth. i myself had an issue with the footage of the love story cut into the film. i want to see the monster..... :) . so i decided that is what i would do, cut out the love story and give the monster more air time.

the original runtime was 85 mins.
now the runtime is down to 50 mins.
i have completely removed the " intercuts" of the back story with Rob and Beth.
cut down the party scene from 19 mins. to about 8 mins.
i just made so many cuts throughtout the movie that i honestly can't recall them.

my intent is make it more of just a monster movie, by showing the action scenes without
all the dragged out character development, that i felt didn't truely matter to this movie.

i showed this to a friend of mine that truely didn't like the original, and he was very impressed.
he said, "it was more like a documentry you'd see on the history channel", and that this was alot better
and easier to watch than the original.

i truely, only made this for myself as i do with most of my edits... but, he told me that i should put this
one up on the site for others to watch and comment on. so that is my intent.

i will have more info on this when i am ready to share with everyone.
thank you for your time - DonnieX

Maybe downloadable from info
I think i will have to watch it to say how well it works. It might, but it also might not. I liked Cloverfield in its original reelase but I am open hearted for a new version of it.
I don't get how cutting out the love story will improve the film - isn't that the whole reason for the group's travels, because Rob is obsessed with saving Beth halfway across town?

I mean, if it can work without it that's great, but without watching it for myself, I kinda have my doubts.
Well, nobody went to see Cloverfield because of the love story. They wanted to see a new take on the monster movie genre, even though it wasn't completely original.

Could be an interesting edit.
Maybe more than a bit offtopic, but wouldn't it be fun if someone would make a version of Cloverfield which would really look and sound like it was recorded on a normal video camera instead of big, expensive professional ones? Though obviously it would be somewhat painful to watch from any larger screens... :smile:
I see this is up on demonoid. Is this the final release?
no this is not the final release. i just threw it out there to see if i get any feedback.
this version has no real menu, just a play button. there are some other things that i will more than likely change in it.
when i release it, i'll do it on rapidshare for the community. it won't be too long from now... i hope.
so... will this be officially released sometimes?
yes, i finished up the final edit this afternoon. i just need to get all my ducks in a row and get the release info for it. ishould have it all together by this weekend. now, i have to go to the tutorial section and figure out how to upload to RS w/ a premium account. i haven't done that yet. also need to find someone to help make a cover for the movie. sorry it has taken so long for me to do this. :-( i hope to have a trailer for this on youtube tomarrow. i will keep you guys posted. thanks..... :)
good news. I am looking forward to it.
Here are the details for the movie:

original film name: Cloverfield
new film name : Cloverfield
film studio name : Paramount / Bad Robot
edit crew name : Your Mama Video
Date Original Film Was Released : Jan, 18 2008
Date Edit Was Released : March 2009
Original Runtime : 85 min
New Runtime : 65 min
Amount of time Cut/Added : 20 min cut

Fanedit details:
To create a true monster movie and leave out as much of the "love story" as possible. Quicking the pace of the story and keeping the excitement going.

The changes:
- cut the party scene from about 20 mins to around 9 mins
- cut out a lot of little bits here and there to keep the pace going
- cut out the scene where Rob gets the call from his mom.
- trimmed the scene where they are going up to Beth's apartment.
- added a new title.
- added more flash cuts
*there are hard cuts in this, but that was done on purpose. It is to give it more of a ameture documentry type feel. so please don't be thrown off by the hard cuts. I myself do not tlike hard cuts, but for this i felt it was needed.

65 mins / single layer NTSC / 1.85 : 1 / menus / trailer

Your intention for this fanedit:
I always liked the original version of the movie. But, i didn't care for the "flash back" footage. So, i decided to make it more based on the creature instead of the story between Rob and Beth. The way it is presented in the begining with the "department of defence" stuff, i felt that if the government was gonna watch footage on this creature, why would they not cut out the Rob and Beth "flashback" footage. So that is what i have done here. I left the some of the party scenes in so you would get to meet the characters. Not a whole lot though, just enough to know whos who and get a feel for them.

Hardware and software information:

-fairuse wizard 2
-vegas pro 8
-dvd architect 4.5
-photoshop cs3

Time needed for the edition:
editing: 6 days
menu: 1 day

persons involved:

1- DonnieX

thank you to every one that helped me with this edit.
RS links on linktalk.
Cloverfield by YourMamaVideo aka DonnieX

review by boon23

I liked the original CLOVERFIELD, still I was kind of intrigued by this fanedit, because so much was deleted from it and with 54 true movie minutes this can be easily called drastically edited. DonnieX had already impressed me with his take on THE OTHERS a long time ago, which unfortunately was never released in a quality that could be enjoyed. Still I knew from this experience that it could be worth giving his new one a shot.
As for all my reviews: this is just my personal opinion of this fanedit. I cannot tell anybody else, if he or she will experience it in the same way or the opposite. So my review is not objective and does not reflect the opinion of fanedit.org.

!!!!This review contains heavy spoilers!!!

The edit:
The first thing that actually made me wonder was the image quality, because the image is unsharp and some movements look blurry. My original is a lot better quality. Still, as it is camcorder footage I was able to think it might be a cheaper model and so it did not bother me too much.
The beginning is heavily cut, which leads to Hud doing a truly lousy job interviewing the guests, because he only does it with his friends. As that it did not entirely convince me, on the other hand I was happy to get a lot faster to the point of action.
The hard cuts sometimes felt a bit weird, when the break was short and for no good reason, still it worked pretty well. The plot about the fugitives is well developed and keeps all the tension of the original, if not even more, because the dragging moments have been erased. With the movie being so short, I now saw a lot more of the monster and the little monsters and that just felt great, because it was to me the major flaw of the original: not enough monster scenes. The Blair Withc Project style got almost deleted with that, because DonnieX' edit is so straight to the action.
Personally I would have loved new end credits. 11 minutes of original end credits felt unneeded to me and did not really support the fanedit.
This was a good fanedit and I enjoyed watching it.
editing: 7 of 10,
entertainment: 8 of 10

Image and video quality:

The image quality was a bit below average. The image was unsharp and many scenes with high movement were blurry, as if a blend deinterlace filter had been used. It was acceptable though, because the camcorder could have very well been a cheaper model.
Video quality: 5 of 10

Audio editing and audio quality:
The audio editing was good. It is 192kbit ac-3 stereo. Sound levels were all good and I did not notice any particular errors there. It was kind of an easy job though, because of the camcorder footage.
audio editing: 8 of 10
audio quality: 7 of 10

The DVD comes with a still main menu, a chapters menu and a hidden bonus menu featuring a trailer and a bit of info on DonnieX previous fanedits. There is no cover art yet. The menus all look quite cheap and come with no audio. A little bit more would have been nice.
DVD menus: 3 of 10, no cover art 1 of 10, extras: 5 of 10, existence of menus, chapters and extras: 10 of 10

This results in a 5 of 10 rating from me for presentation.

Final result: 7 of 10.
This is a nice fanedit IMO that can be enjoyed by everyone, who liked the original and has no problem with extreme shaky cam. DonnieX improved on the original movie and I for one will watch this one rather than my original DVD. There is room for more improvement with improved image quality, self created end credits, better menus and cover art.

This edit is hereby approved to go up on fanedit.org:
I took the liberty to create cover art for this release:
Is there any way to still see this edit?  I can't find it anywhere anymore.
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