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original film names: Marathon Mann, Death Proof, Caddyshack, Groundhog Day, THX 1138, First Blood, Next, Léon - The Professional
new film name : Chase Conscution
edit crew name : Uncanny Antman, CBB, Mollo, TMBTM, Adabisi, LeXX, Stomachworm
Date Original Films Were Released : from 1971 to 2007
Date Edit Was Released : September 24th 2009
New Runtime : approx. 124 minutes

Fanedit details :
This is the third installment of the Consecution series that was invented by Mollo and started with:
Batman Consecution
and continued with
Zombie Consecution

The Consecution series contains short fanedit films by various faneditors according to specific rules and an overall theme.
For CHASE CONSECUTION these rules were:
1 fanedit per faneditor allowed.
a maximum runtime of 18:00 minutes.
a fanedit from one or various sources containing a chase as a major event.

The theme was picked by public voting.

The submissions:
Fast Blood by TMBTM (18 minutes)
It is a condensed version of "First Blood". Rambo being chased by everyone.
Phil vs Phil by Adabisi (16:55)
Chasing a gopher, created from "Caddyshack" and "Groundhog Day"
Stuntman Mike by Uncanny Antman (17:32)
A restructured storyline for the most interesting character from 'Death Proof'.
Little Marathon Man by Mollo (17:40)
Marathon Mann condensed to a finished episode.
Two Minutes by CBB (17:56)
A condensed and altered version of NEXT.
THX 1138 by Stomachworm (17:33)
An iriritating mind trip through the strange futuristic society of the 25th century.
Don't Mess With Léon by LeXX (18:00)
Using "Léon The Professional" this creates a new plot about our favorite cleaner.

Time needed for the edition: April 01 to September 09 2009
persons involved: a lot (see ITW thread here: http://www.fanedit.org/forums/showthread.php?2196-Consecution-III-Chase)

teaser (by Uncanny Antman):
Kudos to all involved. Way to stick it out, glad this was released!
Yeah Nice release guys, only watched 'Fast Blood' so far, but loved it ;)
Chase Consecution Fanedit DVD5 has been uploaded to Usenet.
Stop making me look bad. ;)
It'd be impossible to do that.
Phil vs. Phil available for streaming.

^Added to IFDB page. Thanks for uploading!
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