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Conspiracy Theory - Censored Edition


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Turning Conspiracy Theory into a family friendly PG-13 Thriller.

Brief Synopsis:
A New York cabbie and author of a conspiracy theory newsletter seeks the aid of a government employee after he falls victim to a conspiracy that threatens his life.

This is a pretty straightforward edit that looks to make Conspiracy Theory into a tame PG-13 film that can be enjoyed as a family thriller. The dialogue has been cleaned up and the nose scene has been trimmed. Pop some popcorn and gather the family around for a thriller that entertains without being profane.

Source: iTunes 1080p 5.1 (6mpbs)
NLE: Vegas Pro
Original Runtime: 135 min
Edited Runtime: 134 min
Time removed: 1 min
Time Added: 1 min (disclaimer & title cards)
Release: 1080p 5.1 MP4 (6mbps)

Other Sources:
Bus leaving station SFX
City traffic SFX

Edit List:
  • Added custom title cards and intro credits
  • Removed most of the language from the movie
  • Trimmed the gore from the nose bite scene
I'm a little confused.....

Conspiracy Theory was like 135 minutes.  I'm a little lost on your running time differences.

Did you cut out an hour or a minute?
Just saw that Conspiracy Theory turned 25 today. Wow, I'm starting to feel (and look) like all the movies that I like are old ...👀
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