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Cover Sites


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This spot is a collection of cover sites. Some are free, others require payment or credits. A description follows each. If you have a cover site you know of that isnt on the list, post it here, and we'll add it.

Covers.box.sk A free site with high-res and extra-high resolution scans and custom covers. A great site, however selection is limited for some things. Worth checking out.

Freecovers.net A free site. Has high-res covers. You can download uncompressed images with a paid membership. A cool site, but selection is limited also.

Customaniacs A pay site. has high-res custom covers. Requires payment or upload credits to be able to download.

The Covers Place A pay site. has a nice selection

Rix Graffix A free site. Covers by Ric Easton. Some great work. Limited to just a few movies though. Great for Star Wars, LOTR, Superman, Predator, Alien, Jaws, Star Trek and some others. cool box sets.

DVD Covers Fuzion Once free, this is now a pay site. You need to register to look around. Some cool covers here, and loads of high-res stuff.

R1DB A great site with tons of covers. This is a pay site though, but you may want to check it out.

EurophicFX Basically a pay site, as it requires credits. worth checking out though

DVD Cover Links Another free site. cool custom covers.

CDcovers.cc Another free site. This site has just about every cover you could think of. However, there are very few high-res covers. most are of lower quality. But hey,... its free!!!

allcdcovers.com Another free site. A great site with lots of hi-res covers for all sorts of media.

VGboxArt Another free site. video game oriented, but has movies too.

There are loads more out there, so let us know about some we don't know of.
Thanks...i think "DVD Covers Fuzion" is the cheaper option if your willing to pay.
AvP said:
Thanks...i think "DVD Covers Fuzion" is the cheaper option if your willing to pay.

Thats good to know. It is a relatively new site, but is really growing and has lots of cool covers, so aside from being cheap it might turn out to be a really awesome site if it keeps going
Thanks AvP!! I didn't know about that one. I added it to the list.
D'oh :oops: ...how could I forget that one. Yes, that one has a lot. Too bad most are lower resolution and quality. Good site anyway. Funny thing is they dont even host regular CD covers anymore, DVD and game covers mostly now
thanks AvP. Yes, that is another good one. I have updated the first post with the link.
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