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Crueler Intentions


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what kind of fanedit (true fanedit = TF, extended edition = EE, special collection & preservation = SP): EE

tagline: Lets get really cruel...

original film name: Cruel Intentions
new film name : Crueler Intentions
film studio name : Columbia Pictures Corporation
edit crew name : nOmArch
Date Original Film Was Released : 1999
Date Edit Was Released : Feb 2008
Original Runtime : 97 Mins
New Runtime : 100 Mins
Amount of time Cut/Added : 3 mins

Cuts removed/added/extended : 0 removed / 5 added

Fanedit details (please add here details about DVD contents as well as video and audio information):

Sources Used: Cruel Intentions Reg 2 DVD

Audio is AC3 5.1.
Static Menus


Edit INfo
Scene Selection

Your intention for this fanedit:

To make Sebastian a much nastier character

Your way to achieve your intention:

added in 5 of 6 deleted scenes

Hardware and software information (waht did you use to create your fanedit):

Womble MPEG Video Wizard
VirtualDub MPEG 2
Cinema Craft Encoder
DVDLab Pro 1.52
Paintshop Pro 9
Cooledit Pro
Cinematize Pro

Additional Comment:

Converted from PAL to NTSC

Time needed for the edition: 1 week

persons involved: 1

Additional information links:
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very cool. looking forward to seeing this one. thanks n0mArch :)
nice cover Nom!
thanks dude :)

i wanted to draw some red devil ears on him to imply him being more evil, but it just looked stupid.

im also thinking about maybe having Kathryn & Annette blended into the black part of his jacket. anyway i'll leave it up for some more critique before i declare it final.
nah it would look better to blend in the background not his jacket
Well done, man... well done.

Can't wait for the release of this edit. :)
AvP said:
nah it would look better to blend in the background not his jacket

indeed, it look slike total crap, will give the background a try, but to be honest i think its probably gonna look better without them at all.

ReverendBeastly said:
Reese Witherspoon's first name is misspelled :p

oh bloody hell! i messed up Buffys name as well and spelled it 'Geller' originally doh :)

sladetwc said:
Well done, man... well done.

Can't wait for the release of this edit. :)

shouldn't be too long, its being viewed by a test audience tomorrow and then assuming all goes well and Boon & AvP can spare the bandwidth it'll be the usual distrobution.

Rapidshare Full & Rip
Torrent Full & Rip
yea send away PAL!
okey dokey! :)

Q&D knockup with girls in the background

EDIT: Removed due to confusing poor ol' Ghostcut ;)
Hey nom, maybe as an extra, you could include the bits from the workprint that wound up being unusable in the edit?
yeo i could certainly do that, i think theres about 300mb on the dvd left to play with so it shouldn't be too difficult to include.

i'll see what i can do.
looking forward to seeing your final product
last update for tonight,

EDIT: Removed due to confusing poor ol' Ghostcut

the montage is beginning to grow on me, it still very Q&D at the mo but if the general concensus is montage FTW then i'll make a proper version.
Small I in sentence "and i have done what I can to clean them up..."
Yea your getting better Nom!
OP updated with final cover.
yes, nice, but it does not look like what it is. It looks like a drama or the biography of a poet.
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