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Ender's Game Extended Edition


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Gavin Hood's adaptation of Ender's Game was obviously done with a great deal of respect to the source material and I was very happy with the outcome. My only complaint was that it felt a little rushed along. The primary reason for this was the decision to have the story take place over a shorter period of time with Ender at basically the same age throughout. Understandable. I don't blame them for not casting a bunch of 6 year olds. Other reasons were budget and time constraints.

Now, I wish I could tell you that this Extended Edition has tons of additional Battle Room footage but according to Hood every last frame they could afford was used in the final cut. What it does have are scenes that slowed the pace of the movie that only fans would care to see. I put every single deleted scene available back in. I edited a few of them down due to unfinished effects and inconsistencies and also tweaked the color and added a few subtle effects. The scenes are:

1. Ender says goodbye to his family
2. Cafeteria confrontation with Bonzo/Conversation with O'Reily/Counting doubles/I.F. Warning
3. Graff/Anderson conversation "You mean we lie to him"
4. Ender/Dink bathroom conversation
5. Valentine visits Ender at lake. (I didn't include Graff/Valentine conversation or car pulling up to rehab center due to unfinished effects...all that was added were a few extended glances...but they are pretty interesting glances. ha)
6. Mazer/Graff conversation "we should tell him the truth"

Scenes 3 and 6 were cut because they give hints to the reveal at the end of the movie but since this edit is for fans...I don't think anything will be spoiled by putting them back in. Anyway, all in all 7 minutes of film has been restored.
Fantastic job! Flawless additions. Thank you for the time and effort you put in.
This edit has been updated to 1080p with some minor tweaks to graphics. Here's an example...

This looks like it would be something I've wanted to see done for years.  I am a big fan of Ender's Game movie.  In fact I would actually say that it is one of my favorite movies of all time ever.  I've often wondered just how and where the deleted scenes provided on the DVD actually fit into the overall succession of scenes in the movie.  In my opinion the most important deleted scene is "New Recruit" because it brings together so many elements that unfold in the movie: Ender meets Bonzo and sees Petra for the first time; we actually get to see O'Reilly who he replaces when promoted to Salamander Army; we see that Ender gets his dessert (the brownie) in a later scene, and this has more significance since O'Reilly had originally taken it away from Ender; and finally it is O'Reilly who tells Ender "Why waste millions on a loser," which Ender quotes to Col. Graff in the scene when he announces that he is going to quit the program.
I've sometimes wondered about the scene that shows up briefly in one of the trailers where Ender is seen picking up his new Salamander Army uniform, and then is shown wearing it, looking back in the direction of the camera.  How great it would be to have that scene revived by the producers of this movie in the scene where he meets with Petra for practice time.
I'm a hold out for the hope that maybe a 10-year anniversary extended director's cut of the Ender's Game might be released in the theatres in 2023.  It would be so awesome; and I would definitely go to the theatre to see it!  I think that a lot of fans from the fan base that grew up in the time following the Ender's Game original release in November 2013 would go to see an extended director's cut version, as well.
As for myself, I never went to the original release of Ender's Game in fall 2013, but discovered it sort of by accident actually in the spring of 2015 as a DVD on clearance sale at a Blockbuster Video store.  I saw the cover and knew it was a sci-fi picture I had missed somehow and had not seen at the theatre; and after watching it on DVD, it became one of my favorite movies.  In fact, I was only able to experience the full theatre screen viewing of this movie because I was able to rent a movie theatre for a birthday party celebration locally where they show whatever movie you choose and provide DVD or Blu-Ray.
I share the sentiment with many fans who would love to see a sequel made of this movie... Not Speaker for the Dead; but something original and made for the big screen that follows on with an adult Ender (played by Asa Butterfield himself hopefully), with flashbacks to his younger years played by look-alike actors.  I suppose I can only wish!  Thanks again...  If I had more technical expertise, I would try to splice together my own extended version; but in the meantime, I have all of my computer background screen images, slide-show screen savers, and personal calendars for my own use that incorporate images and catch phrase script from the movie, as well as Ender's Game theme coffee mugs around.  I suppose I'm actually a pretty big fan.

Timothy Johnson
One of those movies that I ALWAYS wanted more of. Thank you for the time and effort!!!
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