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Explorers - The SilentPete Edit


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Explorers. Easily one of the best science-fiction films from the 80's. Unfortunately, most who love the film are quick to point out its flawed third act. Once the boys meet the aliens at the end the film simply falls apart. The alien children, mostly Wak, are completely over the top and ruin the experience.

The intention of this edit is to trim down the third act and make it feel more in line with the rest of the film. What is left now, hopefully, feels more correct in tone and spirit to what came before it. To do this, much of the footage of Wak (and some of his sister and their dad) has been removed.

Cuts and Edits...

No changes happen until the boys reach the ship...

Some of the boys searching the hallways has been trimmed or removed (mainly for pacing).

The giant metal spider sequence has been removed (it robs the scene of its serious tone).

Ben and Darren do not run into Wak until they come across him hiding (Wak talking is removed).

Wak's dialogue and music as he walks Ben and Darren into the "bridge" is removed and covered with sound effects and music.

Almost all of Wak's quoting of movies and TV is gone (a few bits are left in).

The ENTIRE sequence of Wak singing is gone.

What is left is a scene that plays far more somber and serious (hopefully).

The scene with the alien dad has been trimmed, removing most of his over the top belly shaking, talking and silly antics.

The rubber band sound effect of the ship being ejected has been removed.

The dialogue playing as Ben remembers the aliens has been removed.

The "goofy" music score at the start of the credits has been removed and replaced with the Explorers theme music (as well as some of the music during the rolling credits).

A little bit of dialogue has been added at the very end of the credits.

This one has been a long time coming. I hope everyone checks it out when it drops on Sunday!
Pete, you're plumbing the depths of my childhood. Stop. You don't know what's down there.
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