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My buddy Dave Kerin strikes again! 

A fan edit combining GODZILLA AGAINST MECHAGODZILLA (2002) and TOKYO S.O.S. (2003).

@"dkerin" says:
A number of years ago I stumbled upon a Godzilla fan edit called, “Godzilla and the Cradle of Eternity”.   Can’t remember where I found or downloaded from, and in trying to find the editor I came up empty in my online searches.   This edit combined (from the 2000s movie series) Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla and Godzilla Tokyo SOS into one movie.   This worked well as they were the only two in the Millennium series that were directly connected.  However the edit had its issues with some odd cuts, jumps in the music score or sound FX, and other aspects here and there. 

So, I decided to try and do my own version of the edit, titled “Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla: Battle for Eternity” (I liked the Eternity subtitle from the original fan edit, and adding “Battle for…” felt a bit classic Toho title).   My goal was to keep all the actual Godzilla action from the films, and cut down unnecessary elements and even characters where possible.   As I went through this edit, I was surprised on how I able was to cut even more out of it than I first thought.   For example, in the first film the lead scientist has a small daughter… and he also has some awkward love interest with the main female Mecha-G pilot.   The daughter, in part thanks to the dubbing (yes I kept the English dub), had some absolutely cringe-worthy lines.  (all in my own opinion of course)   And the supposed love interest was also awkward and with its fare share of cringe worthy moments.    As I moved through the edit, I realized I could completely remove the daughter character and it impacted the story in no way what so ever!    (she does appear now as a random child in a couple quick crowd shots)     Also removed the love interest, which turns out was absolutely unnecessary in the movie. 

Now in this edit, instead of there being a year gap between movies, it is one continuous story.    While the lead character of the first movie does not remain for the second, they thankfully gave a reason in Godzilla Tokyo SOS for her departure.   

I also took elements from SOS and moved them to earlier locations in the first film so we get introduced to Mothra and the characters that will carry out the remainder of the film.   For the special effects I had the idea to go in and try to “enhance” them a bit.   But when I tried to add things like explosions over the original footage, it just did not mesh well.   I did add a bit more atmospheric elements to the shots, just to try and add a little more depth or scale.   It is subtle and hopefully goes unnoticed. 

The final edit, with credits, runs about 2 hours and 10 minutes.   The goal was to make a Godzilla movie with an epic feel, and try to keep it more on the serious side.   Well, as serious as a giant fighting Godzilla robot can be.   I personally enjoyed these two films (and thus combining them into this edit) because they at least seemed to try and keep a serious tone about them… and not go into the campy direction of some. 

If anyone knows anything about the original Godzilla and the Cradle of Eternity edit, please let me know.   Would love to let the editor know how I appreciate his/her work, and spur me to take on my own version.

At present, this is a VIMEO ONLY RELEASE...
Told my older sibling about this, and we're totally going to watch it together soon.
Nice! I've added it to my Godzillathon.
Many thanks to Bob for posting this!   I was totally planning on doing it, then work got busy, house pipes decided to spring a leak, and lordy knows what else decided to happen.   Grew up on Godzilla films, and this was a fun one to do.   Hope you all enjoy!
Wow...26 minutes in and things sure escalated quickly :exclamation:
Fantastic...will check this out soon
This is really awesome! I should give this a watch sometime!

As someone who found Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla to be bland and just a set up movie for the more entertaining Tokyo S.O.S., I'm glad this is a thing.
Left a review for you Dave, great work stitching these together :cool:
HeiseiGodzillaFan said:
This is really awesome! I should give this a watch sometime!

As someone who found Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla to be bland and just a set up movie for the more entertaining Tokyo S.O.S., I'm glad this is a thing.

Agree, and part of why I was initially surprised how much could be cut from Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla and have it really not affect much of the story.  To completely cut the daughter of a main character and have it barely make a difference, shows that story point was kinda meaningless.   Unless people want a little kid staring at a plant a lot in a corner while the action takes place.

Always preferred S.O.S. for the deeper links to Godzilla mythology with Mothra.   

Hope you get to give the edit a watch and enjoy.

Zarius said:
Left a review for you Dave, great work stitching these together :cool:

Really glad you liked it!   Hard to be objective for me on any of my edits, as I am my own worse critic, but happy with the way these went together.    Thanks for the review!
Thoroughly enjoyable. As previously stated, the sub-plots from 'Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla' are not missed and leave no holes whatsoever without them. I was expecting a sort of 'Greatest Hits' from both films welded together, but this edit is better than that. Parts of 'Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.' are skillfully woven into 'GAM', creating a logical chronology. I'd say the crossover from one lead to another works better than in the original film - another pleasant surprise as I was expecting that to be jarring. Not a bit of it. The end battle with Mecha G from 'GAM' - now roughly halfway into this edit - does feel more like the climax that it actually is, but it still works - many Godzilla films are equally inconsistent when it comes to major battles. I noticed a couple of good doses of Toho cheesiness that have gone (catching the fly, Mecha G's "goodbye", possibly others I wasn't quick enough to spot), which I missed, but it's not enough to ruin your viewing. No one except Godzilla aficionados would probably even guess that this was an edit. Excellent job.
Shameless promotion time! lol

After watching GODZILLA VS KONG, and LOVING every over the top monster bashing moment of it, I was still in the giant monster mayhem mood, so I re-watched this mecha-saga by @dkerin and WOW! I forgot how fun this fan edit is! Thanks Dave for taking two average Big G flicks, and turning them into an epic final send-off! BRAVO!!
I love Kiryu and your edit looks really interesting. Is there any possibility to have it with the original Japanese audio?
Not sure how this edit would work, since Against Mechagodzilla was easily the better of the two and Tokyo SOS barely had a plot.....

I see the dub was used. Were the bad translations (Prime Minister saying Tokyo killed Mothra and Akane being asked why she "missed Godzilla" when they were asking how she ran into the another tank) in the dub removed or fixed at all?
Well... the edit works by sticking them together, cutting out a lot of unnecessary stuff, rearranging things to my personal preference... you know, editing. It is meant to be a fun, big Godzilla extravaganza. I grew up with Saturday afternoon G movies from back in the 70s, and the dubs are part of the odd charm to me. And no... did not get into figuring out if translations were improperly done or not. It was a fun, escapist edit. So if you feel like it, give it a watch to see how they are edited together. Or... don't. The G world is your oyster! :)
Have to say, this fan-edit is a near perfect combination of two films that I've found over the years to have been unnecessarily turned into two separate projects by Toho to try & prolong their floundering & redundant Millennium series.

Revisting Mothra yet again & redoing MechaG still make it ultimately redundant, but after all, with Ghidorah & Mothra squeezed into the Kiryu saga's immediate predecessor, it didn't seem too far a stretch they'd do that.

The only thing that keeps this from being "perfect" is some remaining bits in the edit that confuse the attempt at shortening the story's overall timeline: namely the bit with Prime Minister Suge at the beginning. She clearly still states that the original Godzilla happened "45 years ago", placing the scene in 1999, as was how Against Mechagodzilla began anyways.

As is, we have this bit left in, admittedly & seemingly for the cool lore bits involving the original Mothra & War of the Gargantuas, yet later we have a title card that places everything in the year 2003.

While most of us are here for the cool kaiju shit, it's still a bit jarring if you're actually paying attention & want the story to have an internal consistency.

Considering all the bits with the transition of power between the two prime ministers was cut anyway, perhaps Suge should have been cut out entirely, with her successor being introduced as he walks alongside his advisors or in the briefing scene that features the original Godzilla's skeleton.

Sure, you lose the history of Mothra & the Gargantuas in this timeline (more so the latter since Mothra & Chujo Sr. still pop up later), but at least your suggested & preferably shortened timeline of a month & then a couple of days actually works. Otherwise, some of that extended passage of time should've probably been left in.

But I digress, as this edit is "picture-locked", everything else still flows & works beautifully, a testament to how this is ideally just one whole story. Here's to a job well done.
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