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Godzilla: King of the Monsters - The Dramatic Cut

Sound design is gonna be chef's kiss on this one. Are you planning on altering any other aspect from the original edit?
Yes it's the ultimate edition. I have only tweaked some audio and put it in 5.1.

I've added no new material. I've changed nothing other than using Topaz to tweak the 36 shots/edits to make them completely smooth.
Dang. That trailer is great. I might just have to buy myself a copy so I can grab this edit. KOTM was a good effort, but missed the mark for me; it sounds like the cutlist resolves what semi-ruined it for me.
5/5 Inightmares, ol chum, you have successfully taken a movie I despised, and made it safe to watch. Well done! Now it's actually a fairly decent Goji flick, considering all it had to fight against. :) A++ Legendary left $150 million dollars on the table by not having this be the cut that hit the theater. Word of mouth is what completely killed movie 2.
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Thank you for the kind words friend!🙏🙏😏 glad you dug this version!
Happy Halloween!🎃
Now in 4K - FEOTM Winner - Godzilla KOTM The Dramatic Cut

2023 Halloween "Now In 4K" Trailer:

Let me know if you'd like to see the edit.

Trailer Music Credits, in order of appearance:

Dark Entity - Covert
Paul Leonard-Morgan - There's Gonna Be A Parade
Pedro Bromfman - Explosion
This edit sounds like it might make me like the movie. Any chance I could get a link?
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