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The story of Nobody, a young carefree gunslinger, who attempts to get his idol Jack Beauregard, an old bountyhunter who just wants to retire, to take on the Wild Bunch.

This is an edit of My Name Is Nobody.

I really like this Spaghetti Western because of its music, acting, story, directing and funny moments. It also has one of the best opening scenes I've ever seen. However, the film is way too long for what it is, clocking at about 2 hours. This is mainly because of a couple of scenes. Strangely enough, these boring scenes were directed by Sergio Leone.

With this fanfix, I've chopped down the film to 70 minutes to greatly improve the pacing.


Removed opening logos
Removed the end conversation of the opening sequence
Removed title sequence
Trimmed Red's death scene
Removed Sullivan's introduction
Removed Nobody shooting down the midget's wooden legs
Removed the pie-throwing scene
Heavily trimmed the saloon scene
Removed entire sequence of the bandits trying to kill Jack and Nobody at the town
Removed scene with the old man, Jack and Nobody
Removed the urinal scene
Trimmed Jack and Nobody eating beans in the train
Deleted because use in previous post rendered it redundant.
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