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GUIDE: How to Download from Usenet

Thanks for the suggestions guys, I ended up downloading what I was looking for with some very kind help from Q2; but I'll give NewsDemon a try when I get a chance.
Hi guys. So I've used usenet successfully in the recent past, and after a considerable pause (all the edits I wanted to obtain were available on mega or other hosting services) I am attempting to use it again. I'm using NewsRover as my reader and NewsDemon as my service. I've triple-checked my username and password, but whenever I try to get a message, it returns "(4) Network Read Error from news.newsdemon.com". I haven't changed any settings from when I last used it successfully. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Update: I sent an email to tech support. They fiddled with my account, and things are working properly now.
tranzor said:
does anyone know of any other free news group providers other than UX usnet since that just does not seem to work (check the links in post #12)

Newsdemon is offering free full access to university staff, employees of charities, and media outlets. If it applies to you, see this link
Q2 said:
If you want a free service and don't mind a slow connection and monthly download limit of 25GB then check out XS Usenet. (ADDED 7/30/2012: Free accounts at XS Usenet have 10-day retention. This means you can only download files posted within the last ten days. Premium accounts have a 900-day retention.) .

Just an update on XS Usenet.
I think they changed their policy, The speed limit is now 1 Mbit, there is no data download limit.
To get over the speed limit, if you have multiple email accounts (easy to setup on gmail, yahoo etc) you can have multiple Xs usenet accounts and use them all in SABnzbd. Set them up on different server ports just in case one server port is overloaded (they have 8 ports available for the free accounts)
I have 4 accounts setup and I am downloading at my maximum bandwidth.
Although they say that retention is 10 days, I downloaded stuff older the 700 days (l8wrtr ep_1) without any problems (episode 2 & 3 are 139 days old) also no problem.
I am now downloading The Book of Eli (800 days old) going well :)

About SABnzb:
For those who don't like the web interface of SAB or are confused by it, there is a GUI front end called "nzb download deluxe" also open soruce and available from: http://sourceforge.net/projects/nzbdd/

Also I would like to point out an alternative to SABnzbd for those who are having problems, NZBGet is also open source written in C++, cross platform, highly configurable, portable, can be run as a service or as a demon with a web interface and much lighter on the resources than SAB
You can download it from here: http://nzbget.net/download
Source code available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/nzbget/
Hope this is useful
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